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If you're anything like me, you've found yourself called to help women with their health and wellbeing... and then discovered that there's actually a LOT more to running a business or growing a social media following than you thought.

If your numbers aren't growing, let me reassure you, that I have nearly 20 years' experience in marketing (including not one but two degrees) and I've still had to figure it all out. The online world is ever-changing, and a LOT to master.

But y'all, I'm on a roll! So scroll down and see how I can help you :-)


Would you like to steal my fertility growth formula and learn the secrets behind just HOW I've grown my business, whilst also growing little people and juggling ALL the things?

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It's no co-incidence that you've made your way to these parts of the interwebs

I've tested.

I've tweaked.

I've experimented.

I've refined.


And now I have a formula that feels oh so easy.


I feel like I have an intimate understanding of how to relate to my audience, craft messages that cut through the noise, and grow my audience in leaps and bounds (without working 5674 hours per week)




How would it feel to have someone who is actually doing this, to break down exactly where the fertility clients are hiding and how to get them onto your list... without paying thousands on Facebook Advertising each month?


How would it feel to just get the roadmap and clear instructions on where to post and what to post so that you can *actually* start to get traction?


Robyn’s program gave me the confidence to finally step out and let my voice start to be heard as a small business owner.


A year later into the program and Robyn is still so supportive, engaging in her FB group and seriously funny. I look forward to her lives and her inspirational "real talk", I also have to say the community is so collaborative and it is an honor to be a part of such high caliber people trying to make a difference in the fertility community. Thank you for ALL you do Robyn.

Jackie Figueras, Healthcare Leadership Expert

Darrien Minnie


Robyn Birkin is such a magnificent light for the fertility community. I have been connecting with Robyn for a few years now and we have worked together multiple times and I am so entirely grateful.


If you have the opportunity to work with Robyn I would RUN to it! Such a great opportunity! 

Darrien Minnie - Yoga Instructor

DEvon Baeza


I admired Robyn’s work from afar long time before having the chance to work with her. Her voice is an absolute authority in this niche.


The insight she offers into what WORKS and what does NOT when it comes to building an audience in the fertility arena is priceless. She has saved me so much time, money, and energy! Her no bullshit style and determination to get results fast was exactly what I needed.

Devon Baeza - Fertility Finance Coach

Sonia Donaldson - Natural New Age Mum


What I love most about working with Robyn is her down to earth, friendly approach. She walked me through things step by step in a way that was easy to understand.

I trust this amazing woman with my website and she is my go-to person for all future projects. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sonia Donaldson - Natural New Age Mum

Ola! Hello! Konnichiwa!

Pleased to meet you

Robyn Birkin Fertility Coach
Lessons from a Fertility Warrior

Hi, I’m Robyn Birkin, an educator, author and fertility warrior. 

I’ve made it my mission to ensure that women don’t suffer through infertility and trouble conceiving like I did.

My approach? It's a unique blend of life coaching, relationship coaching, neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology and straight up cheerleader.

And I now spend my time helping Type A, women, just like myself to let go of control, ditch the anxiety, and forge ahead on their fertility journey with confidence, joy and primed for success.

And I believe that you have gifts too that deserve to be shared with the world and that community and collaboration (over competition) benefits us all.

So, with my 20+ years of marketing experience and the experience of running my own business under my belt, I'm here to support not just fertility warriors, but you too.



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I've made it my mission to ensure that women trying to conceive receive the compassion, emotional resiliency skills and help that I wished I had on my journey...

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