Hemp seeds rock. Here's why: They're a complete source of protein (about 3 tablespoons = 11g) Great ratio of Omega 3 and 6 long chain fatty acids Easily digestible Contains a whole array of vitamins and minerals including vitamin E and

Sometimes when I'm shopping (and eating chocolate), my hands take over before my brain has time to respond. I was at the farmers market and there was a lovely organic eggplant. So, I bought it. It has been languishing in the

Everyone cracks on about Omega 3's, but all anyone knows about is omega 3 in fish. Enter Chia. Chia rocks. Chia is 20% Omega-3, 20% protein, stacked full of fibre, has 5x as much calcium as milk, 7x more vitamin C than

I didn't make 'em because I'm so healthy. Dammit, I made them because I needed to rescue them before they were destined for the compost patch. Is it just me, or does kale come in huge bunches. I gave the stuff

I've written myself a list of recipes to cook throughout the week, and tonight was supposed to be broccoli timbales but lets say I was left feeling somewhat uninspired by my earlier choice. So, looking in the fridge I decided

Ingredients 2 big fat handfuls spinach 2 shallots 4 button mushrooms 2 tablespoons pine nuts Tin of brown lentils 2 medium-large  potatoes Dash of almond milk 1.5 cups of passata Big handful of herbs (I used thyme, parsley and oregano)

I had some friends over for dinner recently, and because the main meal was quite decadant (lets just say it included a lot of butter, I thought I'd go easy on the dessert. Introducing the date and walnut truffles

Now that it is winter, I thought I'd throw a few soups out there. This soup is super healthy, and super easy to make. This batch lasts for a few workday lunches too. Ingredients 1 cup quinoa 1 tin of chickpeas,