I still remember the moment I saw her and my heart sank...

I didn't just feel heart broken.

I felt alone... and completely hopeless.

It felt like this was never going to happen for us.

I had walked into the supermarket and was ambushed. It happened all the time, but this time it felt different.

It began two years before, when I was at a baby shower for a friend, and there were only three of us who didn't have children. The baby explosion was in full swing. 

There was me, who was ready to start trying. I felt like it would be a walk in the park and felt excited and coy. Jonie was single (but I knew she was longing for a baby). And then there was Vicki... who flat out told us she wasn't interested in having babies.

Until, two years later, when I still wasn't pregnant, I walked into the supermarket. Time stopped. From behind I didn't notice anything, but then she turned around as she was speaking with the clerk and I saw her gorgeous, big, heavily pregnant belly. Vickie was having a baby.

And in that moment my heart sank to the floor, and the last drops of strength I had melted away.

I had NEVER realised that deep inside I had been clinging to the hope that she would never fall pregnant because then I wouldn't be the last one. Because at least there would be ONE more person in this world who I could talk to at baby showers and parties about things other than children.

My heart began to race. My eyes began to swell with tears. My voice became wobbly, as I made an excuse and turned around and walked straight out.

As I made it to the car, a flood of tears came pouring out like an avalanche. I had no strength left. I was completely broken. I burst into the house and crumpled on the floor in the walk in robe and my husband came inside to see what had happened. He was amazing, but couldn't fully comprehend how much I was hurting and didn't know how to FIX this. So he just looked at me in silence as his heart began to break for me.

Sadness, obsession and desperation had become my modus operandi.

And just in case I didn't feel low enough already...

Shortly after that, on my first IVF attempt, I fell pregnant, only for my elation to turn to devastation when I was told the pregnancy wasn't viable.

It wasn't fair.

And I had worked SO hard to make this happen, seeing a Naturopath, an Acupuncturist, radically changing my diet and exercise routine, putting my legs up the wall, tracking my basal body temperature... and more. It was exhausting.

I was doing ALL the things and I was used to the equation that hard work equalled success.

Not being able to control this outcome was slowly killing me inside.

And I felt like I could continue if someone would just give me a crystal ball or a date when this would happen, or SOMETHING that would just make it work!

But there wasn't one.

And if you'd have asked me if I was at rock bottom before, I'd have said yes. But this was a new low.

2013: After my miscarriage, my hair was coming out in chunks. What a visual reminder of the sh*t sandwich life had become. So, faking the smiles, I chopped it off and donated it.

but then something happened that completely changed the course of my life... 

Hubby and I hit the eject button on life and landed on a remote island in Lombok. It hit me.

I had put life on pause for more than two years while we tried in vain to have a baby, and in all this time, I had invested SO much in my physical wellbeing, and completely neglected my emotional health.

And what's more, our emotional health can drastically improve our fertility too.

I was intrigued and determined, and called on my wellness industry friends. I took courses. I read (and then read some more) and experimented with different things.

And then?

Well I went into my next cycle months later, feeling like a new person. I could finally take on this roller coaster WITHOUT the constant chaos in my mind and daily meltdowns. Now THAT'S life cred.

And the cycle? Well it failed, but this time around, instead of feeling like a failure and crashing down... hard... I remained strong, and confident, and empowered. I bet that to you, in this moment, it feels inconceivable that someone might feel that way after a failed cycle. But it's true.

And the next cycle? Well that's when we conceived Miss Chloe. And, not too long after that, Miss Olivia too. And the rest is history. 

Yes, you do deserve happiness.

The change I experienced was remarkable and I want to share that with you.

Let's do this, together

A 3 session, VIP 1 : 1 coaching program for women who are ready to take life off pause and rediscover confidence, love and empowerment.

This program is for you if:

  1. You are about to start IUI or IVF, or have had 1 - 3 cycles
  2. You are a Type A Personality and struggling with the lack of control this journey brings
  3. Pregnancy and fertility seem to be on your mind 24/7
  4. You feel like you are being suffocated by pregnancy announcements and see pregnant people EVERYWHERE
  5. You have tried SO many things and still aren't getting anywhere
  6. You are finding yourself increasingly anxious and are terrified that you may never become a mother
  7. Your husband (or wife or family) feel like you are putting too much pressure on yourself, and is struggling because they CAN'T fix this.

Discover a fertility survival plan to get you through everything this journey throws at you with positivity, resilience and all you need for ultimate success.

Just imagine this...

Instead of waking up in the morning wondering how the heck you're going to get through another day, you wake up feeling like strong, happy and empowered, and like you can tackle anything this journey (and life!) throws at you.

Instead of feeling like your mind is in overdrive 24/7, you feel like you can [finally!] start living again and you've cleared the chaos in your head.

Instead of feeling like all the fear, anxiety, worry and rage is building up inside you with nobody who you can download to, you have the chance to connect with someone who not only gets it, but can help you get through it, and will connect you with a sisterhood of like minded women.

Instead of feeling like you're losing the spark with your partner, you rekindle the love and closeness you felt before, and can tap into a way to communicate with each other again. You might even have sex because you ACTUALLY want to!

Instead of feeling like life is passing you by, you feel peaceful, confident and happy again.

Instead of feeling unsure about whether you're on the right track with your treatments, or if your clinic is missing a step, you have the chance to talk it over with someone who has been there, and now works with thousands of other women in YOUR situation.

I'm interested, now what?

Apply for a complimentary breakthrough session where you can discuss your journey
and struggles with me (no cost, no obligation, nothing to lose)

BONUS | Get Pregnant Sooner!

Here's what the research says...

1. A study by researchers from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, found that cognitive behavioural therapy can aid fertility by reducing anxiety, which often inhibits ovulation. A study by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia took 16 women who had not had a period in six months. Half were introduced to cognitive behavioural therapy for 20 weeks and half were merely observed. At the end of this, six out of the eight women given CBT regained full fertility and two of them became pregnant within two months. In the eight women who didn't, only one recovered her fertility.

2. Another study showed that women who were undergoing IVF had a success rate of 52% when undergoing mind-body interventions (compared to only 20% in the control group).

3. A 2000 study showed that procedural stress, the stress experienced during treatment procedures, was found to negatively impact on the end points, that is the number of oocytes retrieved and fertilised.

4. Women undergoing IVF who were ‘worried’ about the medical aspects of their treatments, retrieved 20% less eggs (Klonoff-Cohen and Natarajan, 2004)

5. In a 1988 study, women undergoing IVF with donor insemination, those with higher levels of anxiety took much longer to conceive, and had higher miscarriage rates (Demytennaere, Nijs, Steeno and Konninckx, 1988)

6. A 1990 study compared 63 women about to undergo an IVF cycle. Those who attended a 2 week relaxation course, showed significantly improved success rates on their first cycle.

How does this sound?

A 90 minute deep dive call to kick things off and put together a success action plan to get you on the right track, pronto!

Two further 45 minute coaching calls where we discuss your individual situation and how we can implement change, together to ditch the anxiety, and help you feel confident, empowered and calm.

Wisdom binge watching interviews with my team of guest experts, including Clinical Psychologist - Monique Phipps, and Brain Care Specialist - Allison Davies. These interviews alone are life-changing.

A SECRET, totally fun and active Facebook Group, focused on creating BIG change. THIS is the safe and positive sisterhood you've been searching for with a monthly LIVE Q+A.

A bespoke 4 - part yoga series, developed just for warriors and taught by the incredible Darrien Minnie from Darrien Yoga - available on demand.

My ever-increasing bank of meditations to help create calm and release anxiety.

Access to more than 40 beautifully designed and downloadable or printable affirmation cards to help you create calm and positive vibrations.

Unlimited laser coaching with me during our package via Facebook Messenger to answer any burning questions and deliver bursts of support, wisdom and inspiration in the moments when you need it most.

Oh... and kick-ass fighting spirit and confidence because you finally invested in making yourself a priority and said enough is enough to feeling like shit #likeawarrior


Your investment in my program is $749 USD

This includes your personal and tailored Fertility Plan, access to all modules and 3 x 1 : 1 sessions together. 

I'm interested, now what?

Apply for a complimentary breakthrough session where you can discuss your journey
and struggles with me (no cost, no obligation, nothing to lose)

Kind Words from Warriors...


"Robyn has such a peaceful voice! I really tried to sit with what she has taught and had some massive 'a-ha' moments. Anyway, it's great it really is. I just want to tell everyone I know who is struggling with this because I know they'll love it too. Robyn’s calm, practical approach helped me to see things with more clarity then I ever have before. Each module really made me stop and think and I’ve come away with so many resources for a positive mindset. I feel armed, refreshed and ready to tackle this journey and whatever it sends my way."


// Australia


I feel better about things, I’m trusting myself more and it feels good to just let some things go. It's been a good kick in the bum to remember to live, not just wait.

I really enjoyed last night’s session -  it made so much sense.  I think that I will need to keep coming back to watching the videos to remind myself.  


// Australia


"A month and a half ago I was feeling low, I wasn't feeling supported at work , and I didn't know how to process and face the news of my friend’s pregnancy announcement. I felt completely overwhelmed and derailed in life. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just cry.

Things started to take a turn when I discovered this program. Just knowing that others out there can completely relate has been helpful. Plus, the modules and worksheets are helpful. And I love the Facebook group and the Vault! Not saying it’s all roses and my sadness has magically melted away, but I’ve been feeling really good lately and definitely more empowered and equipped with some tools, tips and mantras to keep me focused and positive."


// USA


​Thanks for your support. It really does help to be a part of this group. I don't feel so alone anymore! You're truly a special person to do this for all of us warriors."


// Australia


I have been through the roughest part of my journey so far, maybe even my rock bottom. Just happened to land during the intensive workshop. The workshop has been a toolbox I could go back to when I’m having my oh shit panic moments. Not to mention having the back up of my fellow intensive warriors and Robyn to be right there along with me.


// Australia


The programme for me has been so good! I’ve loved having something positive to focus on whilst on the fertility journey instead of always feeling negative and upset. I feel so much better about this journey whatever the outcome is.


// Australia

Hi, I'm Robyn

Hi, I’m Robyn Birkin, a fertility coach, motivational speaker, writer and fertility warrior. I’ve made it my mission to ensure that women don’t suffer through infertility and trouble conceiving like I did. This is the program I wish I had when I was in the depths of despair.

After hitting rock bottom on my journey,I connected with some of the best experts around, and pretty much reached into the depths of my being to pull myself out of my funk, and came out feeling like I could take on the world.

And I now spend my time helping Type A, women, just like myself to let go of control, ditch the anxiety, and forge ahead on their fertility journey with confidence, joy and primed for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with any specific conditions?

I work with clients who are dealing with a wide range of conditions, including post-cancer infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, depression, male infertility, recurrent miscarriage, auto-immune conditions and unexplained infertility.

Do I need to be doing IVF to work with you?

Nope. You can be anywhere in your fertility journey, you can be doing IVF, IUI, or still trying naturally, although I don’t recommend this for women who have only just started trying to conceive. My recommendation is that this is for women who have been trying for 6+ months with no luck.

What if I already have one child?

Secondary infertility sucks too. I know many women who coasted through conception for their first (and even second) child, only to struggle with their second (or third) and it hit. Hard. I think sometimes when we conceived another child easily in the past, we expect it will work again, and when you already have another child, there is less time to think about yourself. Good news – this course is perfect for both women who have no children,or women with one or more children.

What happens if I fall pregnant during our coaching together?

That would be AMAZING! And just quietly my running rate is actually that this happens 50% of the time within the first six weeks of the program. I know. I can barely believe it either. The stuff we talk about, our guest interviews - everything - is relevant for when you fall pregnant too. And when you fall pregnant, it's like a whole new set of anxieties come into play, so pregnant, or not pregnant, this is perfect for you.

Will we discuss strategies for optimising fertility such as diet?

Yes. You will receive a personalised action plan following our first session, with details on how you can optimise your lifestyle to improve your fertility. I take a holistic approach, and believe in looking at the whole person (body and mind) to make a profound impact going forward. What I'll also do though, is help you with HOW to implement the lifestyle changes required for optimal fertility and empower you with recipes, guidance and encouragement moving forward.

I am also a BIG advocate of finding a medical team you trust and surrendering your control to them. After all, Doctors have studied for 25648 billion years, so I often work alongside a medical team to assist my clients.

What happens after I submit my application?

When you click 'apply now' you'll be directed to a page where you can schedule a time to chat with me about your journey and about the program. If I can't help you, I'll be straight up, and recommend some other providers. If you'd be a good candidate (and my Aussie accent works for you ;-)) then we can discuss any queries you have and next steps.

The session will be conducted over Zoom so you may wish to download the app.

I'm friendly and approachable, I promise, and sometimes, just having the opportunity to just download and share your journey can be incredibly cathartic.

There is NO cost for a breakthrough session and to have a chat to find out more, and no obligation either. I KNOW it can be scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

I've already spent SO much money doing ALL the things. What makes this different?

Oh lady, I hear you. A few years back, I was at a fork in the road, and as you can see, took the path that led me in this direction and it scary to make that decision. But I bet you don't think twice about dropping a fortune on acupuncture and OPKs... because for whatever reason, in our minds, we prioritise the physical stuff over the emotional/mental stuff.

I get it though, and that's why my program only involves three 1:1 sessions, backed by the support of my bank of expert sessions. Three sessions is a much lower commitment than some of the other programs on the market and the value you'll receive is much higher than the price.

I want you to also consider the cost of NOT working with me. Mind-body programs have been shown to dramatically improve fertility and IVF success rates, as well as lower the rates of miscarriage, so this could mean the difference, between six IVF cycles and three. Remember: I've been there, and we can totally go there and bounce your treatments and tests around too.

If you're at rock bottom now, consider how much more of the emotional toll you can take, and how much time you have on your side. It might be that NOW is the time to pull out all the stops.

How much time do I need to commit?

We have three 1:1 sessions and a little bit of time in between completing exercises. My guest expert interviews are available to you, to listen to at your leisure, either during our coaching of after. As someone who has come from a frantic and fast-paced corporate job, busy has been my middle name. but trust me when I say "You are where your focus is" - so if your focus is on your job, so be it.... but if your focus is on nurturing yourself to create a cozy home for a baby, well then....

If you have any other questions, please feel free to book a breakthrough session with me (no obligation, no cost) and I'd be happy to answer them.

I'm interested, now what?

Apply for a complimentary breakthrough session where you can discuss your journey
and struggles with me (no cost, no obligation, nothing to lose)

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