What happens if I fall pregnant during our coaching together?

That would be AMAZING! And just quietly 50% of the women in our pilot program fell pregnant DURING the program. I know. I can barely believe it either. The stuff we talk about, our guest interviews – everything – is relevant for when you fall pregnant too. And when you fall pregnant, it’s like a whole new set of anxieties come into play, so pregnant, or not pregnant, this is perfect for you. When this happens for you, I may also have some sneaky bonus resources for you;-)

Will we discuss lifestyle strategies for optimising fertility such as diet?

Yes. You will receive a personalised action plan during our first session, with details on how you can optimise your lifestyle to improve your fertility and we can discuss anything and everything in our LIVE Q+A Sessions within the group. I take a holistic approach, and believe in looking at the whole person (body and mind) to make a profound impact going forward. 

What happens after I join?

You’ll receive a welcome email and we’ll organise a time for our deep dive call together.

I’ve already spent SO much money doing ALL the things. What makes this different?

Oh lady, I hear you. A few years back, I was at a fork in the road, and as you can see, took the path that led me in this direction and it scary to make that decision. But I bet you don’t think twice about dropping a fortune on acupuncture and OPKs… because for whatever reason, in our minds, we prioritise the physical stuff over the emotional/mental stuff.

I want you to also consider the cost of NOT working with me. If you’ve got this far down the page, you KNOW deep inside that something is missing and Mind-body programs have been shown to dramatically improve fertility and IVF success rates, as well as lower the rates of miscarriage, so this could mean the difference, between six IVF cycles and three. Remember: I’ve been there, and we can totally go there and bounce your treatments and tests around too.

If you’re at rock bottom now, consider how much more of the emotional toll you can take, and how much time you have on your side. It might be that NOW is the time to take a leap of faith.

Consider the incredible value of this program also, and the individual cost of having access to so many professionals and resources. I’ve worked really hard to put together a holistic program that will help you feel confident that you can stop needing to continually invest in all the things. Similar programs cost approximately 3x the price and do not contain as much value.

Please also be aware that the price will be increasing significantly next round.

How much time do I need to commit?

We have a weekly 1 hour group coaching session, and a little bit of time in between completing exercises, as well as our LIVE Q+A sessions. My guest expert interviews are available to you, to listen to at your leisure, either during our coaching of after. As someone who has come from a frantic and fast-paced corporate job, busy has been my middle name. but trust me when I say “You are where your focus is” – so if your focus is on your job, so be it…. but if your focus is on nurturing yourself to create a cozy home for a baby, well then….

What if I can’t make the coaching calls?

Our coaching calls take place once a week and will guide you through six powerful modules during your time in the program. I highly recommend that you make the time to join this call – after all, you’ve made the investment to be part of the program. But, in the event that you can’t make a call, there’ll be a replay.

At the end of each call, you’ll also have the chance to listen to a replay though, just in case you got caught up.

How long will it take to complete program?

The coaching program includes six modules delivered over 6 – 7 weeks, which is just enough time for us to go through one entire cycle so we can experience the ups and downs together. During this time, we’ll be in touch regularly. You’ll also receive ongoing access to The Vault (minimum 12 months), that contains all my guest interviews (and is being added to regularly, so it will be like the support never ends.) 

Plus, like a good wine or cheese (but on the totally ok for fertility list!), some of these lessons will marinade and get better with time – and they’ll last a lifetime, and our SECRET Facebook Group will be available to support you.

Will anyone know I’ve signed up?

Nope. Only the people you tell, and other people who are going through the program with you. We conduct the calls one on one and on group conferencing software, and our Facebook group is secret, so it can be our little secret.

Do I need to be doing IVF?

Nope. You can be anywhere in your fertility journey, you can be doing IVF, IUI, or still trying naturally, although I don’t recommend this for women who have only just started trying to conceive. My recommendation is that this is for women who have been trying for 6+ months with no luck. 

What if I already have one child?

Secondary infertility sucks too. I know many women who coasted through conception for their first (and even second) child, only to struggle with their second (or third) and it hit. Hard. I think sometimes when we conceived another child easily in the past, we expect it will work again, and when you already have another child, there is less time to think about yourself. Good news – this course is perfect for both women who have no children,or women with one or more children.

Ready to take action?