I spent thousands of dollars on coaches, only to discover three things.

1. The standard techniques of building an audience, don't work for women with infertility, because they're all suffering in silence
2. They're all feeling battered, bruised (and broke!) from fertility treatments
3. Fertility Coaching (and natural fertility modalities) are relatively unknown

Which means that I had to put my extensive marketing experience into play, test the market and crack the code.... without the cookie cutter advice.

Because our niche is different.

Does this feel like you?

You feel like a hamster on a wheel, working your butt off and getting nowhere...

You feel passionate about helping women with infertility, but are starting to feel a bit jaded because nothing seems to be working...

You're tired of signing up to 'challenges' and 'opt-in's' that promise to help you move forward (but don't)...

It constantly feels like you're rolling sh*t uphill...


Some days, you just want to give it ALL up and start something else... like seriously, you used to make more money bartending, and now here you are, with the best intentions trying to HELP people, but all it's doing is taking away from time with your family.

The cookie cutter and group advice just isn't cutting the mustard. Fertility is just different.

Buuuut you're feeling a little strapped for cash and just need some quick answers to help you along the way and cut to the punchline of where fertility clients are hiding!

You just want someone who gets it to hop in, give you some direction on how you can turn it all around and start growing your followers so you can actually make this work!

... And sharing their secrets and building some camaraderie would be icing on the cake too.

Then stop stalling, and let's do it. Now.

The alternative?
Continuing with what you're currently doing. 
Small numbers of leads, or none at all.
Next to no website traffic.
Constantly wondering whether you should just give up.
Spending another huge chunk of time (that you could be spending with your family instead) getting nowhere.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Fertility Business School

Think of how terrific it would be for someone who is doing this to break down exactly where fertility clients are hiding and how to get them onto your list.... without paying thousands on Facebook ads each month.

Me! Here's why...

I ran a last minute diet challenge for fertility warriors, with little notice, and next to no advertising, next to no promo, and in our pilot round attracted nearly 350 participants. 

My Instagram profile continues to grow (at a rate of about 500 ideal clients per month), despite me spending next to no time on the platform.

My award-winning podcast consistently ranks in the top 35 of podcasts in Alternative Health in the US, up there with Oprah's Soul Sessions and Bulletproof Radio.

I have hundreds of people sign up to my Two Week Challenge each month on autopilot, and the first email in that sequence gets a staggering 92% open rate.

I have 472 subscribers on YouTube, despite only having 5 videos on my channel - one of which has 23,000 views and another that has 14,000 views.

I have five figure months... regularly. (uughh, I hate talking about that but it's true)

AND, I finally feel like I have a clear cut strategy and direction for growing my business with the limited 6 hours per week I spend on it #relief

You'll get the fast track secrets about where fertility clients are hiding, how to get them to engage with you, and what motivates them to take action.

These are the secrets I've spent years and thousands of dollars learning, and you can get there MUCH faster, and for a price that's a no-brainer.

AND together, we'll get you set up.

This is NOT an expensive 1 : 1 coaching programme
This is NOT advice on how to BE a coach (you don't need it right now, trust me)
This is NOT a course in advertising - I want to help you build your audience FOR FREE

This is an easy to digest ecourse with incredible cheat sheets where I share my secrets and the very templates I use in my own business to produce content that works and a social media strategy that doesn't have you feeling drained.

This is advice on how to get the cogs to start turning and to stop feeling like you're shouting out 'hello' to the world and hearing crickets.

Quick Recap
What you're doing wrong, and how you can fix it - with advice THAT WORKS for fertility-related businesses.


Incredible Value

US $697

payment plan

3 x Monthly Payments

US $247

I know how it feels to promote a webinar and have only one person show up

I know how it feels to dream of getting another 100 email subscribers.

I know how it feels to spend endless amounts of time doing ALL the things they tell you to, and still getting nowhere.

I know what it feels like to see your Instagram numbers go up and down by the same amount each day.

It's exhausting. And heartbreaking.

But it's not your fault, because the standard stuff doesn't work.

You didn't have road map before.

You didn't have a FERTILITY marketing specialist.

What's so special about me, huh?

Robyn Birkin Fertility Coach

So glad you asked!

Well, I have more than 15 years' experience in Marketing Public Relations, and have worked with Government Agencies, Non-profits, ASX listed companies and one of Australia's most prestigious schools.

Over this time I've:

  • Been hired as the youngest ever Marketing Manager at not one, but two companies
  • Raised more than $158,000 for Rocky Bay (WA's largest fundraising golf day!), and more than $100,000 at a school fair (nearly double the previous fair!)
  • Provided my services pro-bono, and been one of the Aussie Wellness Women, which raised more than $44,000 for Domestic Violence victims
  • Managed a team of 18 marketing co-ordinators
  • Managed the multi-million dollar advertising budget for one of the largest advertisers in The West Australian newspaper
  • And more, more, more

But what really counts is this.

I have experimented and developed a plan that secures me hundreds of leads each month on autopilot, whilst only working 6 hours per week.

Every day, I receive messages from people sharing their life story.

I run a successful ecourse and used to gain 1:1 coaching leads WITH my price listed (and let me tell you - the calls are SO much easier when cost is no longer an objection!), have been featured in multiple major news publications AND [finally] feel like I've cracked the code, know EXACTLY what direction I'm heading in, and boy, can I tell you, it's such a relief.

As Seen On...

Street Cred...

Jen Shaw - Emerge Cafe, Barefoot Kitchens

Robyn is kind of like that big sister you never knew you had in business. Just when you think you’ve run out of ideas or motivation for your project she walks in and inspires a brand-new outlook on your project complimented with her wide variety of skills and knowledge. She’s been key in creating success for all of my projects, from designing cookbooks and marketing materials, to implementing successful strategy to fundraising campaigns. She has been a godsend to help start and grow both my personal and not-for-profit business.

Barefoot Kitchens and Living on Little Founder, Changemaker, Social Enterprise Inspiration for Emerge

Allison Davies - Neurologic Music Therapist

I’ve never worked with anyone as efficient and helpful as Robyn. She completely understands my business, my brand and my passions and delivers incredible advice, a brilliant website and great options for the future of my site. Robyn is my design, branding and strategy guru! She’ll never be able to get rid of me!

Allison Davies, Genius Mamma, Total Brain Guru and Neurologic Music Therapist at Allison Davies

Sonia Donaldson - Natural New Age Mum

Robyn Birkin is one of a kind. We worked together on a big charity project and I can honestly say if it wasn't for her brilliant organisational, marketing and project management skills, there is no way it would have been accomplished.

Robyn professionally designed our charity recipe book and rebranded my own website with incredible efficiency, flair and understanding of the target markets.

What I love most about working with Robyn is her down to earth, friendly approach. She walked me through things step by step in a way that was easy to understand. I trust this amazing woman with my website and she is my go-to person for all future projects. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sonia Donaldson - Healthy, Happy guru over at Natural New Age Mum, community maker, woman waking up the world

Robyn has been my rock! A complete technophone, I’ve felt like finally, I have someone on my team who I can trust, and who will help me take my business to the next level. I love Robyn’s easy-to-understand personalised video tutorials and our Skype sessions. Robyn also helped bring my new website to life, translating my vision into reality and helping to define my brand identity. I highly recommend Robyn. She is a firecracker, always there to get the job done, offer encouragement and help you reach the finish line with your products.

Micheline Andrews, Orphaned Animal Mama, Kindness Radiator and THE Bone Broth Guru over at Micheline Andrews

So, what's included?

The Fertility Business School is the straight up way to gain a larger audience, build momentum and grow your tribe of loyal fertility fans.

Video lessons where I share my exact strategy and where I've developed my business to a place where leads come in on autopilot.

There are six videos, multiple worksheets, as well as the very own templates I use in my own business.

I sincerely believe that you have a unique gift to share, and that women struggling to conceive should have access to support and guidance as a standard practice.

The best way for us to do that is together.


I feel very passionate about building this industry because I know just how powerful these lessons were on my journey, and also how lonely and hopeless it can feel when it feels like nothing is working.

I've created a super easy to say yes to offer AND a money back guarantee, because I want to make it really easy for you to say YES to this program.

I have two degrees in marketing and communications, and have worked within marketing for more than 15 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on 1:1 business coaching - I have learnt and experienced A LOT. 

BUT, I understand that you might feel nervous investing, especially if you are feeling worn out and that's why I've created a money back guarantee for you - if my Aussie accent gives you the irks, if you feel my advice isn't resonating with you, I'll refund your money. All of it.

Just drop me an email within 7 days of your purchase, and show me that you've done the work as outlined in the videos and, and I'll refund all of your money, including any processing fees. No hard feelings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join now?
If you don't choose to sign up today, no problem - the course will still be here for you, no fancy sales tactics here. Just an incredible offer from one business trying to lift the industry up. But, I will say this - every time I have invested in myself (read: thousands of dollars, regularly), the money always comes. It's about taking the leap to hit the next step and having some a-ha moments that unlock that next level. If you don't take a leap, then you risk staying exactly where you are right now - and if right now is things not working for you, then you might end up feeling very jaded in months to come, exhausted and frustrated.

What content do you cover?
Fertility Business School is all about how to build your audience and your authority. We cover all aspects of social media and content creation to help you build your following and get seen.

  • Wondering which platform you should be on? We got that covered.
  • Wondering what you're doing wrong on your platform? I'll help you with that too.
  • Feeling like all you do is spend an eternity on social media to get nowhere? Ya, this will help.

Are there be worksheets?
Yes, and no. For some things - like working out our messaging and our offers etc, we will, because it gives clarity and makes writing opt in copy etc SO much easier - but I don't believe in worksheets for the sake of worksheets - I'd prefer you to be working on list building rather than sitting and doing pretty worksheets. So where it gets results, yes, where it's just worksheets for the sake of it, no. All up we have 6 videos, 8 PDF's, 6 pieces of text and one download.

How much time do I need to commit?
I've worked really hard to make this direct and to the point, and laid out your client promotion strategy - all in simple to understand terms and easily digestible content. You can race through, or you can take your time and absorb each module. The BIG bonus I feel are the social media checklists to help ensure your posts get the biggest bang.

I've already invested in SO many courses and coaches. What makes you different?
Have you already worked with someone who specialises in the unique challenges of the fertility niche? Our niche is so different and I've found that there are certain triggers, and only certain places our niche hide. The strategies that work for conventional businesses, often don't apply here.

Did you receive laid out plans and checklists in an easy to follow format?

Did you have the opportunity to jump in a monthly Q+A call on Facebook for ongoing support?

I'm here to make this as easy as possible for you, create a community and work together to make this more mainsteam. I'm also a straight shooter, and have a knack for explaining things in plain English. 

What happens after I join?
You'll immediately receive access to all content - videos, worksheets, templates and more - all ready for you to dive in and get started! Hot tip: the Facebook Group is where it's at! I'm super responsive, give heaps of personalised advice and share FREQUENTLY about my own journey.

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