There were two words on my fertility journey that used to make me feel more alone and hopeless than ever

And if I'm honest... also used to send my anxiety levels through the roof and make my blood boil.

You've probably been told the same thing by your family, work colleagues, partner... all with the best intentions, but it still stings, isolates you... and makes you feel like a flat out failure. "Just relax". Uugghhhhh.

As if it was that easy, and as if that would make all your fertility issues just magically melt away #getreal. But... you do feel like once upon a time you were happy, strong and resilient, but this fertility mess has sucked the life out of you. And you do wish you weren't stressed, confused and angry AF... but nobody actually tells you HOW to reduce your stress. All you get is people in the cheap seats trying to tell you what they think you *should* be doing, but they're not the ones in the arena living this. You are.

You're used to being successful at everything you do, but here you are, a shadow of your former self because the one thing you want the most, is completely out of your control. It feels hopeless. And overwhelmingly sad. If only you had a crystal ball that would just tell you when this would all be over and you could get on with your life. But there is no crystal ball, so you're stuck in this nightmare with the demons in your head.

Maybe you were relaxed before, but this is your life on the line here! The road you're travelling down right now is drastically different to how you imagined your life unfolding.

Your partner isn't struggling the same way you are, and hates to see you this way, but has NO idea how to help you, and then there's your friends and family who you feel like you can never openly and honestly just download to because they say the wrong thing, they can't understand the pain you're in, and every conversation leads to a science lesson. And it's on your mind. Every. Single. Minute.

Just relaxing seems completely impossible. So here you are, alone with no advice you can grasp onto, and surrounded by doctors and scientists who treat everything so matter-of-factly, sinking deeper and deeper into hopelessness with each new cycle. You just want to be pregnant already!

That's exactly how I felt.

I bet you've spent so many nights Googling every single symptom and condition trying to find answers - something, anything they've missed, or a glimmer of hope.

I bet you've tried ALL the things trying to fall pregnant, manage your stress levels and move forward.

Maybe your journal is just collecting dust.

Maybe you've tried meditating, but don't feel like you're doing it right.

Maybe you've seen a therapist, but don't feel like they truly 'got it' or just gave you some cookie cutter advice.

I get it and I want to reassure you.

How you are feeling right now, is completely valid. Struggling to fall pregnant is just that. A struggle.

No, you are not screwing this up. You're doing an amazing job and the absolute best you can under crappy circumstances.

Maybe one of the reasons you haven't enrolled yet is because you feel like you've already invested in SO many things, but you're still at square A. I have been in your shoes, desperately searching for answers and feeling like I'd wasted tonnes of money in desperation on a bunch of magic bullets (that didn't exist).

I had incredible guilt about all the money I'd spent wasted, and everything I felt *may* have been contributing to every negative cycle.

And it was like all the stress was compounding my stress. And I was paranoid that maybe I was harming my fertility in some way. Like there was ONE BIG thing holding me back that I hadn't yet discovered. Was it my diet? Was it my job? Was it my lifestyle? Was it the stress?

If that's you, I want to let you know a few things...

  1. You are not alone (or crazy)
  2. You can do something about it and end the 'investment roller coaster'
  3. You are human

It's all about rewriting your story and giving you a toolkit that [finally] feels complete so you don't need to keep investing.

You didn't have a roadmap before. You didn't know how to get to the finish line. So forgive yourself. 

This program is everything I wished I had on my journey and I created this program with you in mind.

Over the two years we've been running this program, the results have been amazing, heartwarming and reaffirming. 

These lessons haven't just created radical change in MY life, they've changed the lives of warriors just like you.

Just imagine this...

Instead of waking up in the morning wondering how the heck you're going to get through another day, you wake up feeling like strong, happy and empowered, and like you can tackle anything this journey (and life!) throws at you.

Instead of feeling like all the fear, anxiety, worry and rage is building up inside you with nobody who you can download to, you have the chance to connect with someone who not only gets it, but can help you get through it, and will connect you with a sisterhood of like minded women.

Instead of feeling like you're losing the connection with your partner, you rekindle the love and closeness (and passion!) you felt before, and can tap into a way to communicate with each other again.

Instead of feeling like there must be SOMETHING you're missing that is causing your infertility, you feel informed, armed and ready to take charge of your journey.

Instead of feeling like life is passing you by, you feel peaceful, confident and happy again.

And you have a powerful toolkit, strategies and resources that will help you manage times of future stress and hardship. You'll be clear on what you want, how to get there, and how to pick yourself up when life punches you in the face.

Instead of feeling increasingly anxious and hopeless during the TWW, you coast through, feeling peaceful and hopeless.

Meet Jo...

"A month and a half ago I was feeling low, I wasn't feeling supported at work , and I didn't know how to process and face the news of my friend’s pregnancy announcement. I felt completely overwhelmed and derailed in life. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just cry. Things started to take a turn when I discovered this program. Just knowing that others out there can completely relate has been helpful. Plus, the modules and worksheets are helpful. And I love the Facebook group and the Vault! I’ve been feeling really good lately and definitely more empowered and equipped with some tools, tips and mantras to keep me focused and positive."
 - Jo

The Fertility Warrior Intensive

A life-changing, holistic mind-body program for women who have been left battered and bruised by this fertility journey, but are now ready to regain control of their lives and optimize their chances of falling pregnant.

12 life-changing modules that will help you discover more about yourself than ever before, set you up for BIG changes in your life, and boost your fertility - all pre-recorded - listen now, listen later, listen again and again - your choice.

Valued at $1,997

LIVE Q+A sessions with me in our Facebook Group. Ask anything, get my tips, check in with everyone - like an awesome girls' night in!

Valued at $378

A closed, totally fun and active Facebook Group, focused on creating BIG change in a POSITIVE and uplifting way. Let go of the guilt, find your tribe and get to know others on this journey with you.

Valued at $197 p/y


A Bespoke Yoga Series created by fellow Fertility Warrior and Yoga Teacher, Darrien Minnie.

Valued at $189


A bank of meditations and beautifully designed digital affirmations to use as tools on your journey.

Valued at $47


Worksheets and exercises to help you uncover what is holding you back, track lifestyle changes essential to fertility and more.

Valued at $297


A Bespoke Pilates Series created by beautiful Health Coach and Pilates Instructor, Emma Bowen

Valued at $189


A bonus set of expert interviews - think of how expensive it would be to individually see a Psychologist, a Brain Care Specialist, A sexual Empowerment Coach and more - I've got them right here for you, together!

Valued at $1,385

All up, that's more than $4,000 USD value!

Discover a fertility survival plan to get you through everything this journey throws at you with positivity, resilience and all you need for ultimate success.

By the end of the program, you'll have:

A toolkit of resources you can come back to in the 'oh sh*t panic moments' with knowledge on how to manage anxiety and panic moments, backed by professional experts.

Much less overwhelm and an increased level of calm and confidence - like you've started to rediscover the person you were before, and gained some kick-ass confidence.

A sense of clarity about how long you're willing to try for, what is working for you on your journey and what isn't - and the ability to drop the things that aren't working (without the guilt).

A feeling of reinvigoration for your relationship, your life, together with the ability to see your life goals more clearly than ever before - and a reassurance that everything will work out.

Here's what the research says about how Mind-Body Programs can DOUBLE your chances of conceiving through IVF and IUI...

1. A study by researchers from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, found that cognitive behavioural therapy can aid fertility by reducing anxiety, which often inhibits ovulation. A study by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia took 16 women who had not had a period in six months. Half were introduced to cognitive behavioural therapy for 20 weeks and half were merely observed. At the end of this, six out of the eight women given CBT regained full fertility and two of them became pregnant within two months. In the eight women who didn't, only one recovered her fertility.

2. Another study showed that women who were undergoing IVF had a success rate of 52% when undergoing mind-body interventions (compared to only 20% in the control group).

3. A 2000 study showed that procedural stress, the stress experienced during treatment procedures, was found to negatively impact on the end points, that is the number of oocytes retrieved and fertilised.

4. Women undergoing IVF who were ‘worried’ about the medical aspects of their treatments, retrieved 20% less eggs (Klonoff-Cohen and Natarajan, 2004)

5. In a 1988 study, women undergoing IVF with donor insemination, those with higher levels of anxiety took much longer to conceive, and had higher miscarriage rates (Demytennaere, Nijs, Steeno and Konninckx, 1988)

6. A 1990 study compared 63 women about to undergo an IVF cycle. Those who attended a 2 week relaxation course, showed significantly improved success rates on their first cycle.

7. Ohio and Rice Universities analysed 200 previous pieces of research in 2015 that found that chronic inflammation (i.e. the same inflammation present in conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Auto-Immune Conditions and more) exacerbated depression greatly and also then contributed to more inflammation. This study also found that the depression and inflammation was resistant to traditional forms of treatment (such as traditional anti-depressants and therapy) but that mind-body programs such as yoga and meditation DID reduce both cortisol levels and inflammation. A win-win!

How does this sound?

Modules released once a week at a manageable pace, and supported with powerful worksheets and exercises. Stop looking at Google and get stuck in here - THIS is what will save you from falling down the rabbit hole.

LIVE Q+A sessions with me in the group. Listen to my tips, ask any questions, or just touch base with the other warriors. Think like a monthly girls' night in (but with chicks who ACTUALLY get it!) 

Access to incredible bonuses. Where else can you have access to a bunch of experts all in one place? From Psychologists to Sexual Empowerment Coaches - all there to talk about the unique challenges we face, and how to help us survive. We also have you covered with meditations, yoga and pilates classes, beautifully designed affirmations, printables and more!

Kick-ass fighting spirit and confidence because you finally invested in making yourself a priority and said enough is enough to feeling like shit #likeawarrior

Meet Kiarra

"Robyn has such a peaceful voice! I really tried to sit with what she has taught and had some massive 'a-ha' moments. Anyway, it's great it really is. I just want to tell everyone I know who is struggling with this because I know they'll love it too. Robyn’s calm, practical approach helped me to see things with more clarity then I ever have before. Each module really made me stop and think and I’ve come away with so many resources for a positive mindset. I feel armed, refreshed and ready to tackle this journey and whatever it sends my way."
 - Kiarra

Meet Rebekah...

"Just wanted to email and say thank you. 

Thank you for taking so much of your time to do what you do. 

Thank you for showing up so regularly to the group and checking in you truely coached me through this. 

Thank you for showing up to the group meet I really loved meeting you. 

Thank you for helping me find me again. 

You are right I had got to the point where I realised I had to change for something to change. I didn’t know where to go for that help but the intensive came at just the right time. It was definitely meant to be. I needed this, I needed to get back to where I was. I can’t believe the transformation. 

I had a follow up appointment with our specialist yesterday and she said you are a different peraon sitting infront of me in comparison to 9 months ago. This is despite the fact we are sitting there because we had been unsuccessful in our IVF but I truely was ok I could have a rational conversation and make a plan for out frozen transfer and then potentially another IVF round if needed and again I am so ok with this. I know 3 months ago this would have induced panic and desperation over the fact this is taking way longer than I thought but it didn’t. I truely believe my time will come I can visualise my baby and I know I will be an amazing mother. 

I wish that your program was made more available or at least the awareness made at the start of the journey. I am grateful for the program and the lessons I have learned. 

I will always circle back to the course and I definitely will never give up the journalling. 

Thank you again for using your journey to help others I really appreciate it."

extended payment plan

12 easy monthly payments




  • 12 x Weekly Training Modules  (value $1,997)
  • Worksheets and Resources (value $297)
  • Closed Facebook Group (value $197 p/y)
  • 3 x monthly Ask Anything Q+A Sessions (value $378)
  • Guest Expert Interviews (value $1,385)
  • Bespoke Yoga Classes (value $198)
  • Bespoke Pilates Classes (value $198)
  • Meditations, Affirmations and More (value $47)

Our Expert Interviews

Nicola Salmon

Your Expert-Led Calming Fitness Classes

Bespoke Yoga Series with Darrien Minnie

Enjoy a (downloadable) yoga series, created especially for Fertility Warriors to improve fertility and calm your soul, with four different lessons, all lovingly taught by Fertility Coach and Yoga Teacher, Darrien Minnie.

Emma Bowen - Pilates Instructor

Bespoke Pilates Series with Emma Bowen

Enjoy a (downloadable) pilates series, created especially for Fertility Warriors to release tension and anxiety, with four different lessons, all lovingly taught by Pilates Instructor, Health Coach and Cancer Thriver, the beautiful Emma Bowen.

extended payment plan

12 easy monthly payments




  • 12 x Weekly Training Modules  (value $1,997)
  • Worksheets and Resources (value $297)
  • Closed Facebook Group (value $197 p/y)
  • 3 x monthly Ask Anything Q+A Sessions (value $378)
  • Guest Expert Interviews (value $1,385)
  • Bespoke Yoga Classes (value $198)
  • Bespoke Pilates Classes (value $198)
  • Meditations, Affirmations and More (value $47)

Meet Catherine...

"Thanks for your support. It really does help to be a part of this group. I don't feel so alone anymore! You're truly a special person to do this for all of us warriors."
 - Catherine

Meet Amee...

I happened to have done the Fertility Warrior Intensive with Robyn Birkin. I did the first round she offered, she has added so much to the archives too since I have finished. So it allows me still to benefit. This helped me the most in getting “my head in the game”!!!! This journey is physically challenging yes, but the mind f@¡k that comes along with it is the worst. It’s like a tool chest of treasures, I learned so much how to cope with the worst of times. I had the worst news of my journey during this intensive. I had banked 9 embryos over 4 rounds of ivf retrieval’s, and found out that all of them were abnormal. Like... the worst thing I never thought would happen. Well, Robyn and my group were there to pick up the pieces, and give me the knowledge of how to glue myself back together. I think no matter where you are in your journey, this can be life changing. 
 - Amee

Meet Jen...

"The programme for me has been so good! I’ve loved having something positive to focus on whilst on the fertility journey instead of always feeling negative and upset. I feel so much better about this journey whatever the outcome is."
 - Jen

Robyn Birkin Fertility Coach
Robyn Birkin

Hi, I'm Robyn

Hi, I’m Robyn Birkin, an educator, author and fertility warrior. I’ve made it my mission to ensure that women don’t suffer through infertility and trouble conceiving like I did. This is the program I wish I had when I was in the depths of despair.

After hitting rock bottom on my journey, I connected with some of the best experts around, studied a range of modalities from positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy to an Intro to Reproduction and pretty much reached into the depths of my being to pull myself out of my funk, and came out feeling like I could take on the world.

I've spent thousands of $$$ on coaching, courses and books to uncover the powerful tools we have at our disposal, and mindset shifts that make a difference, and I want to share that with you.

My approach? It's a unique blend of life coaching, relationship coaching, neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology and straight up cheerleader.

And I now spend my time helping Type A, women, just like myself to let go of control, ditch the anxiety, and forge ahead on their fertility journey with confidence, joy and primed for success.

What do the modules cover?

Every session, module, Q+A and interview is aimed at helping you not only overcome the emotional burden of trying to conceive, but help you ensure that your body is primed for pregnancy. This is a holistic program and weaved into our sessions we cover essential topics of sleep, exercise, diet and stress to help you feel like you're supported, empowered, calm and confident.

Module 1
Mind Detox

Declutter the chatter in your brain and calm that chaos between your ears.

Module 2
Get out of your head and into the game

Stop feeling paralysed by the fear that you'll never become a mother or [insert other fear here] and gain a birds eye view at how to look at situations with a rational mind with the ability to look fear in the face

Module 3
Sexy self care and self-preservation.

The TRUTH about stress and what self care REALLY looks like.

Module 4
How not to give a f*ck (and get clear on what you really want)

How to stop letting things (and people) drain your energy and feel like you have a clear roadmap to what you really want.

Module 5
Relationships Rescue

How to handle your partner, your friends, your colleagues and family to communicate like a boss and let go of toxic, draining energy suckers.

Module 6
Passion Injection

How to reinject some passion and spice into your relationship, even when sex currently feels like a chore. We'll work on getting your groove back, not just in the bedroom, but in all relationships.

Module 7
Kicking Guilt and Resentment to the Kerb

How to [FINALLY] let go of the stories that are keeping us stuck and keeping us awake at night.

Module 8
Posivitity on Autopilot

How to stop yourself from going down the depression session rabbit hole, and be your biggest cheerleader, becoming positive without even having to try.

Module 9
Making it Happen

How to get closer to what you want, without feeling like a failure every time there’s a speedbump on the road to getting there. A complete roadmap to achieving what you want.

Module 10
Letting Go of Control

How to be ok with the unknown, and not feel derailed every time there is a fork in the road, and invest your energy wisely.

Module 11
Emergency Stash of Strength

A step by step guide for managing the 'oh sh*t' panic moments - the pregnancy announcements, negative tests and the bad news. 

Module 12
Self-Confidence Superstar

How to actually like what you see in the mirror, and feel like you can conquer the world.

extended payment plan

12 easy monthly payments




  • 12 x Weekly Training Modules  (value $1,997)
  • Worksheets and Resources (value $297)
  • Closed Facebook Group (value $197 p/y)
  • 3 x monthly Ask Anything Q+A Sessions (value $378)
  • Guest Expert Interviews (value $1,385)
  • Bespoke Yoga Classes (value $198)
  • Bespoke Pilates Classes (value $198)
  • Meditations, Affirmations and More (value $47)


My programs are driven by one fundamental principle - to deliver support and light bulb moments, and if you are on the fence about joining, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say 'yes' to this program, and to yourself [for a change] because I know just how powerful these lessons can be on your journey.

That's why we have our generous money-back guarantee.

Join now, give the program a shot and do the work, and if, after 14 days you you have not seen any meaningful change in the way you're coping, thinking or feeling on your journey, we'll refund your money. All of it. Even the processing fees.

Just flick us an email at, along with your Fertility Warrior planner entries and completed worksheets, so that we know you gave it a shot, and we'll refund your money, pronto.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I fall pregnant shortly after I purchase this course? I'm hoping that *this* might just be my month.

That would be AMAZING! And just quietly 50% of the women in our pilot program fell pregnant DURING the program PLUS, we have even had women JOIN the program in early pregnancy. The stuff we talk about, our guest interviews - everything - is relevant for when you fall pregnant too and beyond. And when you fall pregnant, it's like a whole new set of anxieties come into play, so pregnant, or not pregnant, this is perfect for you. 

But look, if you fall pregnant within 14 days of signing up to the program and don't feel like a whole new set of anxieties have just entered the door - just check out my refund policy above and we can absolutely help you out. You have nothing to lose by joining our program and everything to gain.

I have PCOS. Is this suitable for me?

My program is suitable for PCOS, endometriosis, autoimmune infertility, secondary infertility, male factor infertility and recurrent loss - any and all of the incredibly stressful causes of infertility, and it's here to support you whether you are in the midst of fertility treatments, in between or not yet under the care of a clinic. If you are feeling stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed with trying to conceive, this program will help you navigate this journey with grace, hope and a rational mind.

Will we discuss lifestyle strategies for optimising fertility such as diet?

Yes! Our Facebook Group is open for any and all discussion and we discuss diets, lifestyles, toxins, other specialists - all of it - and often in detail. I take a holistic approach, and believe in looking at the whole person (body and mind) to make a profound impact going forward.

What happens after I join?

You'll receive a welcome email with your login details, as well as an invitation from me to join our Fertility Warrior Family Facebook Group. You'll immediately receive access to a welcome module and your bonuses (our amazing resource of expert interviews, yoga classes and more) so you can get started straight away.

I've already spent SO much money doing ALL the things. What makes this different?

Oh lady, I hear you. A few years back, I was at a fork in the road, and as you can see, took the path that led me in this direction and it scary to make that decision. But I bet you don't think twice about dropping a fortune on acupuncture and OPKs... because for whatever reason, in our minds, we prioritise the physical stuff over the emotional/mental stuff.

I want you to also consider the cost of NOT working with me. If you've got this far down the page, you KNOW deep inside that something is missing and Mind-body programs have been shown to dramatically improve fertility and IVF success rates, as well as lower the rates of miscarriage, so this could mean the difference, between six IVF cycles and three. Remember: I've been there, and we can totally go there and bounce your treatments and tests around too.

If you're at rock bottom now, consider how much more of the emotional toll you can take, and how much time you have on your side. It might be that NOW is the time to take a leap of faith.

Consider the incredible value of this program also, and the individual cost of having access to so many professionals and resources. I've worked really hard to put together a holistic program that will help you feel confident that you can stop needing to continually invest in all the things. Similar programs cost approximately 5x the price and do not contain nearly as much value or as many experts, all in one place. There's a reason I lead a group of more than 350 fertility professionals across the globe!

How much time do I need to commit?

Approximately an hour a week. I won't lie, you need to do the work to get the results. But let me ask you this - how important is this for you. Pretty damn important, right? And how are you feeling right now? Pretty sh*t? Well, nobody can change that in 10 minutes - you feel me right?

As someone who has come from a frantic and fast-paced corporate job, busy has been my middle name. but trust me when I say "You are where your focus is" - so if your focus is on your job, so be it.... but if your focus is on nurturing yourself to create a cozy home for a baby, well then....

And imagine what it would feel like to take this journey on head first feeling confident and empowered - amazing, I'm sure.

How long will I have access to the program for?

You'll have lifetime access to the program, which means that for as long as the program is still running, you'll have access... and you'll also get access to all future updates and additions, at no extra charge, even when the price of the course increases (which is highly likely).

Do I have to join the Facebook Group?

The short answer is no. Look, I'll let you know that 1/3 people don't join the Facebook Group, and if you're on a social media detox, I applaud you, BUT I will let you know that if you jump into the Facebook Group, you will receive additional support from me via weekly little videos and check ins. So, you may miss out on full value by not joining, including the ongoing support that warriors receive in my private group Facebook Page.

The BIG value in this course though is the modules, and the total value of this program is at more than US$4000, with the Facebook Group access valued only at $197 per year, so even if you don't join, it is still amazing value and you will still experience big change.

​Will anyone know I’ve signed up?

Nope. Only the people you tell, and other people who are going through the program with you. All training is conducted through our secure training platform, and our Facebook group is closed (meaning that nobody else can see who is a member unless they, themselves are a member), so it can be our little secret.

Do I need to be doing IVF?

Nope. You can be anywhere in your fertility journey, you can be doing IVF, IUI, or still trying naturally, although I don’t recommend this for women who have only just started trying to conceive. My recommendation is that this is for women who have been trying for 6+ months with no luck. 

What if I already have one child?

Secondary infertility sucks too. I know many women who coasted through conception for their first (and even second) child, only to struggle with their second (or third) and it hit. Hard. I think sometimes when we conceived another child easily in the past, we expect it will work again, and when you already have another child, there is less time to think about yourself. Good news – this course is perfect for both women who have no children,or women with one or more children.

When does the course begin?

As soon as you jump in :-)

Why should I take part now?

Seriously, how long can you afford to wait? 6 months? a year? Or are you ready to step off the rollercoaster and say a big NO to continuing to feel this way, and a big YES to maximising your chances of conceiving, pronto.

Take another look through the reviews posted above and below and how grateful the warriors have been that they've found a program tailored to fertility warriors in such a way. This is your time, sis. This is a sign.

Remember, we have a 14 day money back guarantee, so if you join and then have instant regret, no problem, I've got your back.

One more reason though, is that this represents incredible value at a set price. If you added up the cost of a set of yoga and pilates lessons, together with meditations, cognitive behavioural therapy sessions (which sometimes seem to continue to go on indefinitely!), and expert interviews - as mentioned above, the cost would be more than US$4000.

I have worked really hard to provide you with more value than a fertility coach, but at a smaller investment.

You don't have to do this alone and I want this to be the absolute BEST investment you've made on your journey.

What happens after I buy?

After you purchase you'll receive an email with all of the details. Make sure you add my name ( to your email address book (and if you're on Gmail and it comes through to the Promotions tab, drag it into your main inbox so they come straight to you).

Once you login, you'll find your bonuses to dive into, and a Welcome module, and then as the course begins, each week a new module will be unlocked.

What is the difference between this and the Fertility Warrior Intensive?

Nothing :-) I've just changed the name.

extended payment plan

12 easy monthly payments




  • 12 x Weekly Training Modules  (value $1,997)
  • Worksheets and Resources (value $297)
  • Closed Facebook Group (value $197 p/y)
  • 3 x monthly Ask Anything Q+A Sessions (value $378)
  • Guest Expert Interviews (value $1,385)
  • Bespoke Yoga Classes (value $198)
  • Bespoke Pilates Classes (value $198)
  • Meditations, Affirmations and More (value $47)

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