I’m going to let you in on a bit of a secret. Back in October, I was thinking about giving up Modern Day Missus.

The site isn’t a runaway success (all my own doing), and it’s so so hard to find the time. Part of me thinks that the original reason I started MDM was because I wanted to learn more about photography and websites, and I’ve achieved that goal, and if I shut the site down, how else would I find my recipes? What else would I take pictures of? How else would I scratch that itch to play around on computers?

But family time is important and the website doesn’t earn an income.

And then I received this email.

An email from another online soul, Sonia from Natural New Age Mum. She asked me to join a group of other babes (some of them very well known like Jo from Quirky Cooking, Collette from Cut out the Crap – and the list goes on!)

The essence was this.

There is a serious issue with domestic violence in Australia (and overseas) too.

It’s heartbreaking.

We NEED to do something about it.

So we’ll put our hearts and souls into putting together a charity e-book and ALL the funds will support the Luke Batty Foundation.

We’ll organise collections for refuges and shelters across the country.

We’ll do our damn best to make positive change.

And you know what. I’m in. I’m so in.

In a world where all we hear about are the bad things. In a world where there are so many people less fortunate than us, and in a world where other mumma’s are shielding their kids from domestic violence, or worse, like Rosie Batty, mourning the two year anniversary of her only child, I want to make a difference.

This is why I have Modern Day Missus.

To spread the word, about things I’m passionate about, and to help others.

I need your help. This book is stunning. All professionally photographed and gorgeous.

There are 43 recipes, 32 are vegetarian and 17 are vegan, like this amazing raw cheesecake, and my recipe, baby black bean burgers.

It’s $19.95 and the presale is open now. Click here to buy the book.

From our Kitchen to Yours, Ebook, Aussie Wellness Women

You can buy this amazing book which is great value, and get that feeling like you’re helping us make a difference, because ALL the proceeds are going to the Luke Batty Foundation.

If you’re part of the first 500 to buy the book (and can I tell you, they’re already selling SO quickly!), you can go into the draw to win one of 26 incredible prizes.

Please join us in saying that domestic violence is not ok.

And if you’re in Australia, please start collecting goods to donate on 27 February (click here to see how) to help women at refuges who often flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Please join us in making a difference.

Click here to buy the book.

And please hang around, while I keep Modern Day Missus pumping!