Introducing Chloe B

She’s here!

Well, she has been here for 6 weeks now, but she has been keeping me on my toes!

The important details:

Name: Chloe Lucinda Birkin
Born: 24th Feb
Weighing: 7lbs 12oz (3.53kg)
Time: 1.23pm





The labour

My Obstetrician was concerned that she didn’t want me to have a baby over 7lbs given my size, so the moment I hit 39 weeks she was like, let’s get this baby out, and started booking me in every few days to check where I was at. The second time I went in (Monday, I was due Friday) my cervix had started dilating so she did a stretch and sweep. I started having contractions at 10.30pm and made it to 7.30am before discovering that I hadn’t progressed any further from when I went into the hospital (3am) and I caved and had an epidural. I was SO tired and in so much pain. I had the works- massive shaking, throwing up, and this incredible pain radiating from my back and I just couldn’t do it anymore. After that things calmed down and I was able to relax. At 1.00pm I was ready to push. Things started going a little pear-shaped at that point and the little tacker started getting distressed, so the rush was on to get her out as soon as possible. The Obstetrician said to me at one point that if I didn’t get her out on the next push she’d be getting out the ventouse. Oh god, did I push and it worked. I was completely oblivious to the fact that I’d also been given an episiotomy at the same time! the trouble came when my placenta didn’t play ball and I ended up hemorraging, which left me so tired!

But, we’re all in one piece and Chloe is perfectly healthy, and was a whopping 7lbs 12oz – what a fatty!

About being a mum

Oh god it is so much harder than I thought, although I don’t know what I had expected! When we were going through IVF in the back of my mind I always thought I wouldn’t mind having twins. Now I’m like, how do they do it?!

Chloe has been blessed with lots of gas and spews and is a shocking sleeper (both Ross and I happily function on not a lot of sleep so I suppose she was doomed from the start) and loves to be held, although not often in her carrier, so my arms and back are getting a good workout and there is not a lot of time to get anything done. I’m blessed to have lots of friends and family making meals and Rosco taking over in the kitchen too.

But, every day I look at her face and can’t believe that there is someone out there who will call me mum. Her little feet and little hands are so adorable, her smell is divine, and her smile melts my heart.

One of my friends sent me a photo the other day that sums things up pretty well.

To the world you might just be one person,
but to one person you are the world.

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