Little Missus: 10 Month Old Baby

Chloe turned 11 months the other day, and 10 months the day before Xmas. SO much has changed in the last month – I reckon 6-18 months is totally the best time! It feels like the little tacker is changing and learning something new every day.

Little Missus: 10 Month Old Baby
Looking at some of her presents on Christmas morning with daddy


Chloe is getting so quick! She is still mostly commando crawling, but she knows how to crawl normally (she’s just a total rocket with her commando these days), and is also standing up (and trying to climb over everything… oh dear… we may have a climber!).

She may have also fallen off the bed once… don’t tell Rosco…. although I feel like that’s a rite of passage when you’re a mama. It’s gotta happen at least once to every mum.

Little Missus: 10 Month Old Baby | Modern Day Missus
Not such a fan of Santa


So, night weaning is totally overrated…. or so I’m guessing… because we’re still feeding at night lol. We tried over Christmas – Ross went in for 4 days, and I went in for about 6 days, before giving up. She was teething (like the top 4 teeth at once), going through a leap, learning to stand, and woke up at 5am one morning and I thought I could go in and feed her and she’ll go back to sleep, or I could forget sleeping anymore that morning and either try unsuccessfully to rock her back to sleep or just get her up… I chose sleep, and have fed every night since then. Last night we fed three times.

Let’s not even go there with naps. We’re all over the place. Oh well.



Still not a rock star, but she does have a mean pincer grip. I alternate between BLW and chunkier purees. Kid loves fruit. Like LOVES fruit.


I’m back at work… eeek! My brain isn’t totally mush. Phew. Chloe has entered daycare and she loves it! There is so much to entertain her and I think going into daycare for a play beforehand was really helpful. She doesn’t play up for daycare with naps, drinks her milk (although my freezer stash is dwindling rapidly) but doesn’t eat much (except banana – I think when all else fails they just give her banana).

Loves: Bopping her head to songs, especially when her daddy is doing it, everything pretty much her daddy does!, mango, watermelon, banana, the wind in her face, her paddle pool, her snugglebear

Dislikes: Sitting still while I’m changing her nappy, naps, waiting for me while I clean up after she has eaten, putting on her sleep sack, the robovac

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