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3 TTC Myths that are keeping you anxious and stressed

3 major myths about how to emotionally cope through infertility and loss... and what to do instead so you can [finally] step out of the muddy fog of infertility and endless cycles of hope and grief so that you can reclaim your TTC journey, rediscover your life, and feel like your old self again... in an easier, quicker and make-your-life-more-awesomer way.

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Why meditation is great... but only a small part of a true emotional wellbeing plan... and what's better!

And why it's totally ok if meditation doesn't work for you.

How this ONE thing (which many people miss) can allow you to skip 80% of the work and still experience a dramatic shift (meaning - it's passive and you don't have to actively add ANYTHING to your to-do list or already busy schedule)

The two BIG questions to ask yourself, to help you get unstuck... fast

What you need to know about stopping those 24/7 thoughts in your mind.

Meet your Host

Robyn Birkin is one of the leading authorities on emotional wellness for infertility and loss and is the host of the award-winning podcast, The Fertility Warriors (with nearly 1 million downloads to date).

Through her innovative brain-based programs, she helps women trying to conceive rediscover their spark, improve resilience and develop a toolkit that supports a strong emotional state (so they can tackle their conception journey with grace, grit and gratitude).

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