My story of trying to conceive through infertility, loss and fertility treatments

and 10 important life lessons that took me from anger to at peace.

Read my book, and get access to my Centered bundle, to help you make baby steps toward feeling better.

To me, dealing with infertility felt like I’d set off on a 100m sprint, and ended up running a marathon that had no set finish line.

I never knew when it would end, and was constantly searching for strength and stamina in places I never knew existed. 

Each time I felt like I couldn’t go any further, I discovered that I could, and I did.

And there were hurdles, and hills - highs and lows - everywhere.

What started as a long and draining journey morphed into a quest for inner peace, self worth and joy.

This book is here to let every fertility warrior know that she is not alone.

It's here to let her know that through the heartache, moments of joy can exist, and to help her believe that baby or not, she is enough, right now, as she is.

Robyn x

You receive...

From Anger to At Peace

Robyn's story and the first 10 lessons that helped bring her peace through infertility, loss and trying to conceive.

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Two Week Wait Reflection Journal

A beautiful and powerful journal to help you feel calmer, step into a new mindset and most importantly, support yourself through whatever the two week wait brings.

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Powerful Meditations

A collection of three of Robyn's most powerful meditations to help you find peace and navigate your two week wait with grace.

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14 Day Mindfulness Challenge

The perfect amount of time to implement easy and quick mindfulness practices to invite calm and feel more centered.

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Get out of your Head and Into the Game

A powerful masterclass from Robyn to help you step out of overthinking and believing everything your brain tells you, and step into deep awareness.

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About the Author

Robyn Birkin is a Life Coach, Mind Body Practitioner and one of the leading emotional wellness authorities for women trying to conceive.

Her award-winning podcast, The Fertility Warriors, has reached nearly 1 million downloads and she has now helped thousands of women from across the globe rediscover themselves and find their joy, whilst navigating infertility and loss.

Robyn is the creator of The Reset, a six week transformative program and she has been featured in more than 50 podcasts and sites. The Reset provides deep emotional wellbeing strategies, routines and resources to help you learn, integrate and embrace a strong and healthy emotional state so you can tackle your conception journey with grace, grit and gratitude.

But most of all, she's lived through the trenches of infertility, IVF and pregnancy loss and truly understands what it feels like to be a fertility warrior.

This is a true, raw and real story of infertility, loss, healing and coming full circle.

With valuable lessons and insights for anyone who feels like they're stuck in the thick of trying to conceive and resources to help you feel validated, supported and ready to take the next step in feeling better.

Thank you for such a great read, Robyn

I came across Robyn's podcast about infertility by chance two weeks ago. I was desperately trying to find something that would help me feel that I wasn't alone in this extremely hard infertility journey (or never ending marathon as Robyn calls it - and exactly that it is) as I'm sure that's how all of you feel too.

This book is everything you want to hear.

If you're looking for a book that feels like a talking to a friend about the infertility journey then this is a good buy. I've read so many forums that it's nice to just hear one persons successful story, that knows how it feels and how amazingly come out the other side and now has her wonderful baby :-) Robyn really talks to you throughout the book like a supportive friend which is just what I needed.

Thank you for such a great read, Robyn. I can't wait to find more books like this one.

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