"Thanks for your support. It really does help to be a part of this group. I don't feel so alone anymore! You're truly a special person to do this for all of us warriors."


The programme has been so good! I’ve loved having something positive to focus on whilst on the fertility journey instead of always feeling negative and upset. I feel so much better about this journey whatever the outcome is.


"Robyn has such a peaceful voice! I really tried to sit with what she has taught and had some massive 'a-ha' moments. Anyway, it's great it really is. I just want to tell everyone I know who is struggling with this because I know they'll love it too.

Robyn’s calm, practical approach helped me to see things with more clarity then I ever have before. Each module really made me stop and think and I’ve come away with so many resources for a positive mindset. I feel armed, refreshed and ready to tackle this journey and whatever it sends my way.“


"I have been through the roughest part of my journey so far, maybe even my rock bottom. Just happened to land during the Fertility Warrior Intensive. The program has been a toolbox I could go back to when I’m having my oh shit panic moments. Not to mention having the back up of my fellow intensive warriors and Robyn to be right there along with me."


"I do feel better about things, I’m trusting myself more and it feels good to just let some things go. It's been a good kick in the bum to remember to live, not just wait. I really enjoyed last night’s session - it made so much sense. I think that I will need to keep coming back to watching the videos to remind myself."


"A month and a half ago I was feeling low, I wasn't feeling supported at work , and I didn't know how to process and face the news of my friend’s pregnancy announcement. I felt completely overwhelmed and derailed in life. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just cry. Things started to take a turn when I discovered this program. Just knowing that others out there can completely relate has been helpful. Plus, the modules and worksheets are helpful. And I love the Facebook group and the Vault! Not saying it’s all roses and my sadness has magically melted away, but I’ve been feeling really good lately and definitely more empowered and equipped with some tools, tips and mantras to keep me focused and positive."


"I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how amazing your fertility warrior course is. I signed up back in November after a couple of failed cycles and only just finished the intensive course this weekend - I didn’t want it to end. You and your course are fucking amazing. I love your humour - the way you express things (I’m an Aussie living in New York and I miss home so much!). Your mantras are fantastic. I loved every module and question posed to me and I’m getting so much out of the yoga and meditations. You’re truly inspirational and I genuinely feel supported by you even though I’ve never met you (I’m a bit quiet on the Facebook which I’m hoping to change). Thank you for putting so much of yourself into this course. I’m so grateful that I found you." Michelle


You have been such an inspiration to me. You are a fellow soul sister who has walked in the same shoes of heart ache and desperation on the road to having a baby. & you call it how it is. This email I’ve just received is a true testament to who you are the grit and determination that makes you.

That’s what I loved lost working with you on my journey. You called everything as it is, no dancing around issues just upfront, black and white called it and made me face my shit head on and do something about it. Others I’ve approached to help me have never truly understood my journey or made me feel like they get it. You did. In a long, drawn out devastating process you showed me reason and navigated my course. You helped me from a 360 degree wholistic lens which others can’t or don’t do. That’s what sets you apart & when you don’t know you have surrounded yourself with experts in those areas who do & happily share their contact information or reference material.

Your posts are real, heart felt, genuine and pop up when you least expect them but need them most.

Others I’ve seen don’t feel as genuine or have as much integrity. It’s like they say what they think “we” want to hear or need to hear. You are different you share guidance or advice but relate it to your own personal experience which feels so much more authentic, real & relatable.

You also worked with me on all aspects of my life coaching me through challenging work situations & how to get my Husband to think getting a cleaner is a good idea. (We still have that cleaner months later too - thank you)! All the peripheral life stuff (clutter) you were able to help me manage, which in turn made my fertility journey clearer and more focused.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You taught me so much in a very short period of time through our one on one zoom sessions. I’ve literally recommended you to every friend or family member I’ve come in contact when the topic of fertility has arisen. ~ Lauren

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