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But now you might be wondering, well.... what next?

Or you might have replaced one set of anxiety for another.

We go through hell and back to fall pregnant, believing that it's the finish line, and then... Fuck... Miscarriage... Still birth...disability... Disaster birth.

And the anxiety we were feeling has now been replaced by a whole new set of fears.

Fear is the important word.

And often it's stupid. Our rational brain can tell us that there is a 98% chance of a pregnancy continuing after hearing the heartbeat at 8 weeks, but this is precious cargo that we fought tooth and nail for, so there is also the fear that once again, we could be back where we started if something went pear shaped too.

It's often just our vivid imagination running wild with worst case scenarios that will never eventuate.

And part of this is what I teach in the new intensive coaching program for women who are still in the shot storm of infertility and truth be told, it's a BIG topic.


It's no co-incidence that you've made your way to these parts of the interwebs and that we've connected.

 I've recommended and shared some of my favourite resources below as well as some of my own posts and podcasts

But first, if you've fallen pregnant after infertility and you're feeling oh so anxious:

I know you are changed by infertility and terrified of things going wrong, but what if things went right?

I know the stats were against you when you were TTC, but in pregnancy the coin is flipped.

The stats are overwhelmingly in your favour now.

How often are you using your vivid imagination to picture amazing best case scenarios Vs how many times you are picturing worst case scenarios?

What if, you just trusted that everything would work out, until you were told otherwise.

In other words, lived in THIS moment, rather than a future that is unlikely to even occur.

Assume everything is fine until someone tells you otherwise.
You don't get a replay, or rewind of life.
This is it. Right now.

Make the choice to savour every moment of this pregnancy, celebrate every appointment, milestone and kick.

Live in the right now.

You could also be in a car crash tomorrow, be diagnosed with cancer or heart disease, or unexpectedly lose a loved one, but you don't spend your days anxious about that.
You just get on with life.

 The fears never end.
Get to a heartbeat, get to viability, get to birth, survive the birth, don't get SIDS, don't get pertussis, don't have a reaction from vaccinations....
Don't fall in with the wrong crowd at school, don't do drugs, don't die in a car crash...
It doesn't end because of the love we have for them.
We love them SO much.

So choose love. 
And enjoy every moment.
I'm telling you from experience, it's over in a blink.

Which doesn't mean silencing our fears.
But it means looking at them with a rational mind and understanding them better.
Courage is just fear walking.

Ola! Hello! Konnichiwa!

Soooo happy for you!

Robyn Birkin Fertility Coach
Lessons from a Fertility Warrior

Hi, I’m Robyn Birkin, an educator, author and fertility warrior. 

I’ve made it my mission to ensure that women don’t suffer through infertility and trouble conceiving like I did.

And inevitably, most of my audience and clients fall pregnant.

I LIVE for this.

And I LOVE (is there a word bigger than that?) when people email me to let me when I've helped them on their journey to falling pregnant.

When this happens, it makes all of the work I do worthwhile.

After hitting rock bottom on my journey, I connected with some of the best experts around, studied a range of modalities from positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy to an Intro to Reproduction and pretty much reached into the depths of my being to pull myself out of my funk, and came out feeling like I could take on the world.

I truly believe that the work I did helped me to fall pregnant with my miracle babies, Chloe and Olivia, who are now 3 and 5.

Maybe you're now pregnant, or you're navigating the sleepless nights that parenthood brings. Girl, I've been there.

Below I've shared some of the posts and podcasts I've written about pregnancy and parenthood, as well as some of my favourite programs and resources.

Congratulations and enjoy!

Robyn xx




This beautiful course has been put together by my friend, Erin McCullogh and isn't just a single prenatal class, it's a series of classes and tools to help you with everything from back pain relief to finding your pelvic floor, as well as a beautiful community.


Y'all, this membership is ESSENTIAL if you are navigating pregnancy and birth! It is run by my friend, Hehe and her program can help you navigate everything from breastfeeding support to navigating your birth plan. Every month HeHe adds more articles, resources and videos to the portal and the hot tip is that I'll soon be jumping in as an expert in the program.

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You may not know, but we have a Facebook Group especially for Fertility Warriors who have reached the next step on their journey and are now pregnant or have bebes.

You can join here.


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