Lessons from a Fertility Warrior

Lessons from a Fertility Warrior

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To me, dealing with infertility felt like I’d set off on a 100m sprint, and ended up running a marathon that had no set finish line.

 I never knew when it would end, and was constantly searching for strength and stamina in places I never knew existed.

 Each time I felt like I couldn’t go any further, I discovered that I could,
and I did.

 There were hurdles, and hills – highs and lows – everywhere.

 It was a journey that zapped every last bit of energy from me, like I’d expected to set out on a jog around the block and ended up running miles and miles for my life.

This is the story of my marathon.

My journey of trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatments, surviving a miscarriage and eventually falling pregnant, with the lessons I want to share with every woman on the heart-wrenching journey through infertility.

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    Formerly called Screw Infertility

    There she was, in the middle of nowhere in Lombok, her hair falling out in clumps after a miscarriage and hyperstimulation. A sign that her body was in chaos, much like her mind.

    Infertility had been the hardest road Robyn had ever travelled, but when coupled with OHSS and a miscarriage, she was brought to breaking point.

    Read the heartbreaking story of Robyn’s journey with infertility, but learn from the inspirational lessons that led her to a form of enlightenment… and the realisation that her high-pressured lifestyle, fear of failure and Type A personality was sending her into a spiral of anxiety and hopelessness, and the actions she took to take hold of her life with both hands again.

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