Freebies to help you take charge

Robyn Birkin TWW Challenge

Daily love notes, adult colouring in, gorgeous affirmations and 101 things to do to keep busy during the Two Week Wait.

Meditation for Fertility - Robyn Birkin

A guided meditation to help you keep cool, calm and manage stress while you're TTC.

Fertility Warrior Toolkit

My stash of worksheets, planners and ebooks to help you manage this journey #likeawarrior.

Programs, Books and Products

The Fertility Warrior Diet

Join nearly 400 warriors who have taken part in this diet, endorsed by leading family Nutritionist, Jo Atkinson and featuring an interview with my very OWN Naturopath, Kirsty Torrens - this popular challenge has now become an ecourse.

Imagine having all the information at your fingertips - recipes, nutrition info, interviews - the lot - to help you thrive and boost your fertility.

Fertility Business School

Are you a fertility practitioner (acupuncturist, naturopath, fertility coach etc) and looking to make a bigger impact? This could just be the course for you. I'll share the exact tools, resources and strategies I use to better serve my audience.

Lessons from a Fertility Warrior

The 10 most powerful lessons I learnt on my journey, complete with my story. Hear this uplifting and perspective-changing story of one Fertility Warrior's battle.

Infertility Affirmation Cards

A beautiful, uplifting and calming set of 40 digital affirmation cards.