Imagine if nourishing your mind and spirit, engaging in true self care and reclaiming your life was also your fertility superpower?

[FINALLY] a holistic community to help you feel supported, overcome fear, make leaps and bounds in your emotional wellbeing.

Join us in the Mind Body Fertility Reset where our brain based strategies and gentle, compassionate guidance will improve all areas of your life.


Robyn Birkin

I'm a Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Practitioner, here to help women+ navigating the world of trying to conceive through my courses and programs. Need help navigating the world of infertility? Then check out my programs below.

Fertility Warrior Intensive with Robyn Birkin



Mind Body Fertility Reset Membership

The place where women+ trying to conceive come to conquer stress, build community and fuel their fertility.

Everything you need to balance your mind, body and fertility in one space at your fingertips, including live support calls, meditations, pilates, yoga and more.




The ultimate collection of tools, resources and education to help you understand your cycle, optimize and troubleshoot your fertility and uncover the simple formula for how to get pregnant pronto.



Warrior Rising

Warrior Rising is a fast but mighty 5 day mood reset bundle to help you get your spirit back, learn crucial information about how your brain can sabotage your happiness and implement daily rituals to support yourself, when it feels like nobody on the outside world quite understands what trying to get pregnant month after month is like.

Say sayonara to feeling low. It's time for you to rise.



Business Coaching

I've put my two degrees and 20+ years experience in social media and marketing together to help you decipher how to grow an audience on Instagram, Pinterest and through long form content in a strategic and easy way. Each year, together with incredible Money Mindset and Master Life Coach, Devon Baeza, we run a 12 month Mastermind for Fertility and Women's Wellness Businesses.

How I can help you

Two Week Wait Challenge - Robyn Birkin

Two Week Wait Challenge

A free daily mindset boost to get you through the big wait with grace, calm and hope.

The Fertility Warriors Podcast

Advice, real talk and mindset hacks for fertility warriors. More than 175 episodes.

The Get Pregnant Pronto Pack

A bundle of my best resources to help you troubleshoot, learn about and optimize your fertility

Mind Body Fertility Reset

Want coaching with me as well as the ultimate community and mindset resources? It's here!

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