Infertility and trying to conceive is exhausting...

Amongst other things...

  • The next cycle begins as soon as the last ended... there's no time to emotionally recover
  • You're bombarded by well-meaning friends and family who want updates and education
  • You're constantly being forced to re-evaluate your life plans
  • You're running to and from multiple appointments, while keeping up appearances at work
  • You're making high stakes decisions frequently
  • Progesterone and other medications are making you fatigued and giving you brain fog
  • When you catch up with friends and family, sometimes the conversation revolves only around pregnancy and children. So you shrink your life to protect your heart
  • Your brain is constantly trying to figure out what you could have done differently to create a different result

If you answered yes to any (or all!) of those, this workshop is for you... 

Because the burnout of infertility and trying to conceive is real, but there are game-changing strategies to

  • help you feel like you don't have to constantly shrink your energy, 
  • build adaptive energy (to help you pivot and make empowered decisions) and
  • start to reclaim back parts of your life

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Get your energy back

It's natural to shrink your life through tough life experiences, but the reality is that sometimes this leaves us feeling even more drained than before.

Learn how to shift your energy in the right way - where you might have energy leaks, and how you can pretty effortlessly, add energy and spark back into your life

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