Imagine if it was possible to simultaneously improve patient experience and outcomes, whilst building your practice and supporting your employees

Innovative fertility clinics and providers know that supporting the mental and emotional wellness of clients is a win-win for both patients, staff and clinic profitability and providing 360° support is now more important than ever.

The Mind Body Fertility Reset uses proven evidence-based strategies to support the emotional and mental wellbeing of patients through infertility and loss to provide them with support, life coaching strategies and a global community whilst complementing psychotherapy and traditional medicine.

Let's be honest... a high proportion of fertility clinic patients experience significant anxiety and stress but...

  • Across the globe, psychological intervention is occurring too late in the process - we need to support clients earlier on their journey to conceive
  • Patients are looking for their fertility clinic to provide holistic and 360° solutions
  • Demand for fertility-specialist Psychotherapists far outweighs demand... and adds an added level of financial pressure for patients
  • Many patients desperately need emotional and mental support but (for a variety of reasons) are reluctant to seek professional support
  • Studies suggest that clients who thrive emotionally... also show better ART outcomes and live birth rates
  • Low cost but high value solutions that complement your clinic treatments (without adding to employee workload) can be a game changer for referrals, word of mouth and patient satisfaction
  • An outsourced solution that results in happier and more empowered clients filters through to frontline staff

Allow us to support your clients... to then support the wellness and longevity of your business and employees.

Let us introduce you to the

An life (and business) changing wellness solution for patients

Wellbeing support and education that delivers light bulb moments and community for fertility patients.

We make your job easy (because we manage it all for you) with a range of options and packages available for fertility clinics and natural health providers (such as Acupuncturists and Naturopaths).

Let me ask you.... how would things change if ...

Your patients walked into consults and told you that they felt fully supported by your clinic, were able to make effective decisions and appointments felt easier and lighter.

Clinic success rates improved because patients were better able to manage chronic stress, addressed self- sabotaging behaviour and were better able to take control of their health, whilst being more open to suggestions and feedback.

Word of mouth referrals for your clinic increased because of the innovative and 360° support you provided and patient satisfaction levels increased dramatically.

Frontline staff such as phlebotomists and nurse practitioners felt more satisfied in their roles because the gains their patients had, filtered through to appointments. Clinic Psychotherapists and Counsellors achieved quicker wins with patients because support, community and resources were available in between (and in advance of) sessions.

You were able to free up workload from your staff to enable them to do what they do best (whilst allowing us to manage this aspect of patient care for you)

You had a cost effective solution to patient wellness that was stress free yet highly effective.

"Look at the data that I’ve collected over my career, on the impact of a mind-body program on fertility rates in infertility patients. Pregnancy and ‘take home baby’ rates pretty much double. If you had a pill that did that? Every infertility patient in the country would take that pill”.

Dr Alice Domar
Prominent Researcher, Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School

Meet the Facilitator, Robyn Birkin

As both a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Fertility Practitioner, Mind Body Fertlity is Robyn's passion, because when we prioritize and support our emotional wellbeing - everything else falls into place and becomes more do-able.

Robyn supports patients with a raft of deep emotional wellbeing strategies, routines and resources to help them learn, integrate and embrace a strong and healthy emotional state so they can tackle your conception journey with grace, grit and gratitude.

She uses proven brain based techniques, daily rituals and live support to help patients get to a place of confidence and calm.

Professional Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce (Graduated with Distinction, Golden Key Honour Society)
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach and Certified Mind Body Practitioner
  • 20+ years' experience in Corporate Marketing and Employee Relations
  • Personal infertility journey that included IUI, IVF, ICSI and pregnancy loss
  • Award-Winning Podcaster with more than 750,000 downloads
  • Mentor to aspiring fertility life coaches and practitioners

References and Professional Resume available on request

What patients learn...

The Mind Body Fertility Reset is 3-monthly membership with tools, resources, events and live support to help support patients through their fertility journey.

As soon as they join, they receive instant and on-demand access to our online portal of resources and our support groups, with a welcome guide to help them settle in.

They start the program by moving through our signature 90 Day Reset with a brain based program to support emotional wellbeing on all levels. Patients emerge stronger, calmer, happier and more resilient.


It' time to take stock and rediscover who you are and what's been going on for you.

We'll learn about why our brain defaults to certain reactions (and how to shift that), as well as lean into what matters, discover what we truly care about.

We'll dive deep into guilt, reconnect with our feelings and get clear on our next steps.

You'll emerge feeling like you're finally in the driver's seat of your life again and regained some control over your life, emotions and goals.


It's time to look our fears in the face and reassess the stories that are keeping us stuck. We'll bring calm and peace into our lives and our household and then develop a toolkit to handle all the moments - the sad moments, the angry moments, the derailed moments - to give us a roadmap for coping and resilience.

We'll learn how to actively bring ourselves into a peaceful state, what true self care looks like, and the daily rituals that can help us thrive through anything that comes our way.


It's time to find your joy and reclaim your incredible life.

It's time to tap into this one life and end the compare dispair once and for all so we can run our own race.

We'll learn how to foster true self confidence so we can love ourselves, believe that we're worthy (always) and bring our best and healthiest selves forward.

You'll learn how to feel more positive (whilst being able to fully embrace all the feelings), set S.M.A.L.L goals and feel renewed in every way.

They also receive...

weekly support group + facebook communities

For extra support, patients can join our weekly support group and enjoy direct access to Robyn and other warriors in the program.

They also have the opportunity to connect, learn and engage in our fun, active and high vibe Facebook Communities (TTC and Pregnancy and Parenting Group)


Each month we hold a live ask anything Q+A call - struggling with the content? Need some next steps? We've got you, and each month we also run a live goal setting call with Master Life Coach and Resident Expert, Devon Baeza to help you continue to kick goals and get clarity on your journey.


Each week a new mind-calming meditation is released for patients to stream and download to help guide them through the next steps, feel calmer, let go of emotions and invite happiness.

Plus, they receive bonus access to...


On-demand Yoga and Pilates

Access to our Yoga and Pilates classes by Darrien Minnie and Emma Bowen - specially developed with fertility patients in mind.


Workshop Library

Struggling with pregnancy announcements? Want to support your relationship? Dive into our on-demand workshop library with highly practical guidance through infertility.


Expert Interviews

From Clinical Psychologists to Brain Care Specialists, Fat Positive Fertility to Sexual Empowerment Coaches, you'll get to hear from the experts and draw from their wisdom to support you.


Exclusive Empowering Challenges and Activities

We build community and host exclusive challenges with theme months and run fun activities like gift swaps to inspire, motivate, support and educate you - including a 5 Day Mood Reset, 5 Day Survive and Thrive Program and Bring Sexy Back challenge.


Drool-worthy recipe inspiration portal

Get access to our ever-growing and easy to navigate and fertility-friendly recipe and low tox living portal.

From dinner to snacks, cleaning recipes to kitchen tips.


Affirmations Library

Download our professionally designed and stunning affirmation library that you can use for screensavers or print as postcards.


On-Demand Fertility Library

Access our library of resources from fertility ebooks to cheat sheets and other resources to help patients implement changes with a 360° lens.


Resident Experts at your Fingertips

Get support and accountability 24/7 with our team of resident experts and our community - patients feel supported here and get to feel like they're part of something bigger.

My go-to for everyone, is to use Robyn Birkin's programs

As a fertility specialist, patients are often asking me what to do to cope with the grief of infertility and failed treatment. It’s something that doesn’t get enough attention. My go to for everyone, is to use Robyn Birkin’s programs. She is truly an amazing person and coach when it comes to learning how to deal with stress and emotionally complex situations. She is a holistic life coach but is always aligning with evidence based practices, which is something so important from a physician perspective. I often lean on her for all fertility and non-infertility related things and she really helps to ground me. She is the ultimate listener and has so much incredible wisdom to share! Robyn’s programs are an AMAZING resource and tool to help you educate yourself and cope with your infertility struggles. I highly recommend them for anyone dealing with infertility.

Sasha Hakman MD/MS

Board certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and board certifiable Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility specialist

We're here to support your practice

With a background in corporate marketing and employee relations, Robyn understands the need and demand for programs that go above and beyond standard services to create experiences that excite and delight patients.

With formal qualifications, approximately 500 clients from across the globe per year and 750,000 podcast downloads, we invite you to see how Robyn and her programs can support your clinic.

We would like to respect and honour the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation who are the traditional custodians of the land we work on today. We pay our respects to owners past and present and to the ongoing living culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.

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CLIENT DISCLAIMER: The Mind Body Fertility Reset (and other materials) are not designed as a substitute for proper medical care, treatment and diagnosis, including support for significant mental illness. They are provided for inspirational purposes only and do not guarantee a pregnancy outcome or natural pregnancy - there are some conditions that are very serious and you should always consult your professional medical team.  The Mind Body Fertility Reset is an additional support resource and is not a substitute for professional 1:1 therapy or treatment. Further terms and disclaimers are contained within our terms and conditions.