Ready to feel in calm, confident and in control... whilst navigating your journey to conceive? .... but not sure where to start?

(I promise that's not a trick question... and I promise it is possible)

Warrior Rising is a fast but mighty 5 day mood reset bundle to help you get your spirit back, learn crucial information about how your brain is sabotaging your happiness and implement easy daily rituals to support yourself, when it feels like nobody on the outside world quite gets what trying to get pregnant month after month, is like.

Say sayonara to feeling low. It's time to rise.

Happiness, fulfilment and joy are not reserved for when your baby comes earthside. You are worthy and entitled to that (and more), right now.

Warrior Rising Bundle

It's perfectly normal (and emotionally healthy) to have bad days but....

You can only chew your food for so long before you need to swallow and sometimes you just need a helping hand to help you rise above the funk... you need a radical mood reset to help bring you back into the present, keep you moving forward and help you find your strength and soul again.

Warrior Rising

Hey fertility warrior, let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You were doing so great on your journey to conceive, but every now and again, you find yourself feeling stuck, sad and sinking
  • You're done with feeling low, and crying on the bathroom floor for days after every negative pregnancy test and want to start feeling yourself again - you just need a jump start to get you back on track after those rough moments
  • It feels like nobody around you understands JUST how hard trying to conceive can be, so you feel the weight of this burden on your own. It's. Just. So. Lonely.
  • You're struggling to find hope and perseverance... it feels like a foggy, muddy swamp and you just need a hand to help you through to the other side
  • You feel like each month, things go round and round in circles, but on a downward spiral - you don't know how much you've got left in the tank
  • You feel completely overwhelmed with everything - you just need something to get you back on track. Something easy to implement, and fast

You know that if nothing changes, nothing changes

You're done with with this funky feeling

You're ready for things to shift

You're ready to rise above it

Navigating a long journey to conceive sucks.
Feeling stuck and sinking sucks too.

I know how it feels. I've been there. After two years of trying to conceive, I dived into my first IVF cycle... only to experience my first miscarriage. I felt completely broken. I'd walk through work with tears welling in my eyes, and didn't have the energy to discuss it with anyone. I felt like I'd held such a strong front up until now... but now I was crumbling inside.

I'd lost my zest, my mojo and all hope.

And I knew that I couldn't continue on like this for much longer, but I just didn't know where to start or what to do. I didn't feel like I had anyone I could talk to openly and honestly, but I did know that if I didn't do something, I'd continue spiralling lower.

I needed to land somewhere and kick start the strength, hope and energy I once had. It was there hiding inside. I just needed to tap into it. And fast.

Trying to conceive for SO many of us, is nothing like the movies. The chapters are punctuated by repeated disappointment, finding reserves of courage, and navigating loss, grief (even if it's just the grief of how we thought it would happen) and deeply uncomfortable emotions.

And that's why it's SO important for us to take steps to find the life-changing and much needed support that will help us move out of overwhelm and into flow - where we can manoeuvre the roadbumps feeling confident and supported The answer is a radical mood reset.

Warrior, It's time for you to rise.

Just imagine feeling like...

You're back, baby!

The energy you were searching for to continue trying to conceive has returned. You're feeling confident, pumped and like you've found that zest you were looking for.

You're actually... happy

You can't explain it. Yep, this infertility journey is hard, but you are just feeling better than you've felt in a long time and excited for life again!

You've got some control

No more feeling like everything is out of your control and happening to you. You're the pilot of your own plane and you have the toolkit to take charge of your conception journey.

You've got a toolkit

No more feeling stuck in the mud. When tough times hit, you have the roadmap of what needs to be done and a 3-step action plan to help you rise above it, delivered in a quick and convenient SECRET podcast


Warrior Rising

Warrior Rising Bundle

The 5 Day Radical Mood Reset Plan for Fertility Warriors who want to rise above their journey and rediscover themselves.

What we Cover...

1. Your 3-Step Action Plan

We're not messing around - when you're in a funk, we go back to what works - the proven three step reset action plan - the quick way to get you back on track, and feeling like yourself again

2. Become the Pilot of Your Own Plane

In this module we talk about how to take your power back and how to take radical responsibility and control of your journey. You're in the driver's seat. It's time to step into your power and rise like the warrior you are.

3. Don't Believe Everything Your Brain Tells You

Without the science and an understanding of WHY our brains do some of the things they do, we inevitably stay stuck or repeat behaviours. True change comes from complete understanding - I'll teach you why not everything your brain tells you, is true.

4. Know What you Know, Feel What You Feel

We talk about what TRUE healthy responses look like and how to process and digest your feelings before moving on, and why that's such an important part of moving forward

5. The Radical Mood Reset

The quick and easy way to get your mojo and energy back - I'll show you how we minimise the roadbumps and maximise joy in our lives, one moment at a time, and how to get back on track, QUICKLY with my high vibe hacks.

Take time for you... it's time to rise.

PLUS Receive these amazing bonuses

Bonus 1: Save my Sleep Guide (Value $47)

Sleep can greatly affect our fertility journey. In this guide, you'll not only learn how to take charge of your sleep and create a nightly routine that works, what to do if you're a shift worker, what to do if you get the midnight (or 3am!) wakes, and the three reasons they occur, and just how your sleep could be affecting your health.

Bonus 2: The Fertility Warrior Manifesto (value $17)

The Fertility Warrior Manifesto can be a wonderful reminder of who you are and what you're working towards. Print it and place it by your fridge, mirror or office desk.

Bonus 3: Fast Mood Reset Checklist (value $17)

Create your very own fast mood reset checklist to provide you with a go-to set of activities to help you feel better, fast.

Bonus 4: The Overwhelm to Organised Checklist (value $27)

Learn how to determine what you can cut out of your journey

Bonus 5: March Fertility Warrior Intensive Q+A (Value $97)

Get a sneak peek on some of the things we talk about in my signature program, the Fertility Warrior Intensive. In this Q+A I talk about

Word on the Street

 IVF can be a long, hard struggle. Robyn makes you laugh and helps you believe in yourself.”

Christie - United States

Before, I was a mess - depressed, miserable, frantic, angry, so anxious about minutiae, no idea how to keep living. Now, I am in a completely different head space than before

Taryn - United States

I have a new sense of not letting the little things bother me.  I experienced a feeling of not being alone in this journey.  I think I changed before the program even began because I found your website.  I found a completely new way to think about stress.  It's difficult to explain but it has worked wonders!

Natalie - Canada

I loved the lessons on vibrations and being the pilot of my own plane. It was so helpful to think of things I can control on this journey. I loved it all!

I would absolutely recommend Warrior Rising - it made me feel less alone and hopeless.


Being the pilot of my own plane really stuck with me! I've also found myself questioning the negative thoughts in my head - I'm all about changing those neural pathways!

I really enjoyed it - thank you!

Rachel - Canada

This was a short program, it made a big difference in my mindset. I actually found myself going back to certain lesson s or journaling prompts as I needed it. If you are feeling hopeless, bitter, and sad this is the perfect little pick me up to help you start to fee like your normal self again. Robyn is so relatable, kind, and helpful without being overly positive or dismissive of your feelings and emotions through the fertility journey! I highly recommend this program. 


How your journey be different if you could...

  • Improve your sleep and feel generally lighter and happier
  • Feel in control of your journey and know where to
  • Became more present in your life and on your journey instead of constantly wishing you were further along
  • Felt confident taking your life off pause (and not like you're missing out on everything)
  • Accept your journey and situation more, and move forward confidently
Fertility Warrior Intensive with Robyn Birkin

Hey I'm Robyn

I'm a Mind Body Practitioner and Life Coach, and the host of award-winning podcast, The Fertility Warriors with more than half a million downloads.

After hitting rock bottom on my journey, I connected with some of the best experts around, studied a range of modalities from positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy to reproduction and pretty much reached into the depths of my being to pull myself out of my funk, and came out feeling like I could take on the world.

I've spent thousands of $$$ on coaching, courses and books to uncover the powerful tools we have at our disposal, and mindset shifts that make a difference, and I want to share that with you.

My approach? It's a unique blend of life coaching, relationship coaching, neuro and brain science, cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology and straight up cheerleader.

Words from Clients

You are right I had got to the point where I realised I had to change for something to change. I didn’t know where to go for that help but the intensive came at just the right time. It was definitely meant to be. I needed this, I needed to get back to where I was. I can’t believe the transformation. 

Rebecca, Australia

When I got home I was just amazed at that experience, my thought process and the loving, joyful feeling I had instead of sadness. I feel a lot of hope for us. It really makes my heart happy.

Jamie - Canada

Again, I know I sound like a broken record, but the abundance of strategies you gain and the confidence it has given me to conquer my infertility no matter what happens.

Katie - United States

A warrior knows that true glory is in rising every time she falls. She is powerful, resilient and ready for whatever challenges cross her path.

Are you ready to rise? 


How is this different to the Intensive?

Warrior Rising is a great complement to the Fertility Warrior Intensive Program and a great starting point (or quick refresher for past warriors). The content and themes are similar, but the Intensive is much more in-depth, holistic and comes with many more features, including specially created yoga and pilates classes, a tonne of resources such as worksheets, guides and sheet cheats, and the lessons are more in-depth. Warrior Rising is great for a radical mood reset, the Intensive is for radical life change.


It's really easy! You receive a secret link, and then just copy that into your favourite podcast player and it loads the podcast, just like all of the others that you listen to. There are instructions within the portal, and if you have any problems, just reach out and we'd be happy to help.


You receive lifetime access. For as long as this product exists - you receive full access.

Do I have to be trying to conceive or going through ivf?

You can be ANYWHERE on your journey - just starting out, navigating the depths of infertility, struggling with pregnancy or parenthood, or even a fellow colleague feeling stuck in their business. This radical mood reset is designed for anyone who is feeling stuck or overwhelmed and needing to get back in the drivers' seat of their life.

No more questions. 
I'm ready for the next step!

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