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The fertility mindset booster to get you through the BIG pregnancy wait! Let's make this two week wait feel calmer and easier.

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Hi, I'm Robyn

As both a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Fertility Practitioner, mindset is my jam, because when we prioritize and support our emotional wellbeing - everything else falls into place and becomes more do-able.

The reason I trained as a Life Coach was because... after two years of navigating infertility, trying to conceive, IUI, IVF and then a pregnancy loss - I [finally] found a place of calm, trust, self-worth and joy - and it was life changing.

I'm here to help you over the next two weeks, find some moments of just that.

Join more than 3000 women+ who've said yes to receiving a daily mindset boost during the two week wait - it's my gift to you and I know you'll absolutely love it!

Robyn Birkin - Mind Body Programs to improve fertility

A beautiful two week mindset boost for anyone trying to conceive

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this paid?

Nope, it's 100% free.

I'm about to start my Two Week Wait/ I've already started my Two Week Wait. Is it possible to shift the schedule?

Ahhh I feel you although unfortunately it's not possible for me to customise dates or skip days. I still recommend you sign up now and they'll still be insanely helpful, reassuring and calming. You can choose to do the challenge at anytime, or save the emails and open them one at a time to sync in with your cycle.

Can I share the affirmations to my Instagram?

Ummm YES! And make sure you tag me in either your stories or feed so I can jump in and cheer you on too :-) - you can find me at @robynbirkin