3 TTC Myths that are keeping you stressed and anxious

(and how to find calm, clarity and peace in all the ups and the downs, the waiting and the uncertainty)

Here's what you'll discover in this class:

✓ How to come back to you and feel like yourself again (no matter what is going on with your TTC journey)

✓ Why meditation is great... but only a small part of a true emotional wellness plan... and what's better! (And why it's totally ok if meditation doesn't work for you)

✓ How this ONE thing (which many people miss) can allow you to skip 80% of the work and still experience a dramatic shift (meaning - it's passive and you don't have to actively add ANYTHING to your to-do list or already busy schedule)

✓ The 3 crucial pillars that can dramatically shift your mood, energy levels and relationships (hint: most fertility warriors are missing 2 of these!)

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