Do you wake up sometimes and feel like you want to give it all up?

They make it seem easy, but sometimes it's so damn hard!

Does this sound like you?

You feel like a hamster on a wheel, working your butt off but struggling to gain traction

All the different programs and tech stuff just gives you a headache #soconfusing #wheretostart

You have plans, but you don’t know how to executive them and who the heck you need to hire to help them see the light of day

imagine what it would feel like if it was easy... and really fun.
This is your passion - you should be enjoying it!

What if you felt like you had someone in your corner…

Someone who UNDERSTANDS your brand

Someone who can point you in the right direction, without the BS

And who can help supercharge your business and bring your dreams to reality

Ahem... *clears throat*
I'm right here! What are you waiting for?

Robyn Birkin - Wellness Business Marketing Specialist - Branding and Business

I’m a powerhouse, who is here to help take your business to the next level. I’m honest, to the point, full of ideas, but most importantly, I get you. I understand your brand and where you’re going, and can help get you there.

I explain things in plain English, easy to understand terms. If it all seems too confusing, that could be because it hasn’t been explained to you by me.

Let me share my knowledge with you, and empower you to take charge of your business.

Let me help you find your flow.

Let me reinvigorate your passion and help you reach your business goals.

Who am I?

I’m a Perth-based marketing specialist with more than 15 years’ experience in branding and business.

I’ve run $150,000 charity golf days and multi-million advertising budgets, and worked in nearly every industry you can imagine (well... actually... not MLM.... unless the 2.5 months signed up to Nutrimetics when I was 20 counts) but I’ve also had the pleasure of working with small passion powered wellness businesses with one-woman bands… and this is where my heart lies. This is what gives me butterflies.

I LOVE explaining the tech, LOVE seeing the plans come together and LOVE spreadsheets #whattanerd

My super power? Helping amazing wellness businesses grow their audience, build momentum and gain traction. The straight up how to. No BS.

Allison Davies - Neurologic Music Therapist

I’ve never worked with anyone as efficient and helpful as Robyn. She completely understands my business, my brand and my passions and delivers incredible advice, a brilliant website and great options for the future of my site. Robyn is my design, branding and strategy guru! She’ll never be able to get rid of me!

Allison Davies, Genius Mamma, Total Brain Guru and Neurologic Music Therapist at Allison Davies

Robyn has been my rock! A complete technophone, I’ve felt like finally, I have someone on my team who I can trust, and who will help me take my business to the next level. I love Robyn’s easy-to-understand personalised video tutorials and our Skype sessions. Robyn also helped bring my new website to life, translating my vision into reality and helping to define my brand identity. I highly recommend Robyn. She is a firecracker, always there to get the job done, offer encouragement and help you reach the finish line with your products.

Micheline Andrews, Orphaned Animal Mama, Kindness Radiator and THE Bone Broth Guru over at Micheline Andrews

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brand partnership

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