Hi everyone,

Happy Monday! No recipe this week, because it is jam packed with other stuff.

I’m officially declaring this week Share the Love Week (#sharethelove).

One of the things I try to do in life is actively appreciate things (the world we live in, the house I have over my head, the sun, the sky, the flowers…. you get my drift), and part of that includes things like making sure I don’t just complain to businesses, but send compliments about things too.

Then, last week I wrote my post about 115 Meatless Monday Recipes and many amazing blogger friends shared my post with their readers. It was a truly great week!

So, this week is Share the Love Week and I’m issuing you with a challenge each day.

Why should you Share the Love?

Because when you do nice things, the universe rewards you and you feel all warm and gooey afterwards.

Here are the challenges:

Share the Love

Share the Love people!


Each day, complete the challenge. Keep it to yourself, or feel free to share it in the comments of the blog or on my Facebook Page or on Twitter to @moderndaymissus (#sharethelove). I’ll blog each day about how I’ve shared the love.

Now to kick things off I have a give away.

Yippeeeeeeeeee. Seriously, I’m so excited about this, my first ever on Modern Day Missus!

Pukka Tea (which I luuurve) have come on board with a lovely hamper, which includes one of my favourite flavours, love (get it? share the love = love tea…. I’ll move on from my dad jokes). The hamper includes three mixes (Love, Refresh and Peppermint and Liquorice) as well as a Pukka Herbs mug.

Pukka Tea Hamper Giveaway

Pukka Tea Hamper Giveaway

To enter the draw, make sure you like the Modern Day Missus Facebook Page (if you already do, you’re halfway there!), and the Pukka Tea Facebook Page.  You have until the end of the week to enter the competition. (Competition only open to Australian residents).


Robyn B xx