Hi all,

Today’s challenge for Share The Love Week (#sharethelove) is to contact a business or blog that you like, or that has given you good customer service and let them know.

Share the Love

Share the Love people!

It takes about 30 seconds to reach out to someone, and the way it makes people feel is worth it. I know that every time someone comments about my blog, or something on my Facebook page, or my work in marketing, it makes a difference to my day.

This morning, I sent two emails:

One was to Syndian Foods. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to make things from scratch, especially for my lunch at work, so to have something I can keep in the freezer is gold. But do you know how hard it is to find products that are vegan AND gluten free?! Anyway, Syndian products pretty much all are, and I stocked up yesterday, and as I was at the checkout, I felt so relieved. It’s tough when you feel like you are running out of options! So I sent them an email saying that I really enjoy their products.

One was to the Raw Food Mum. There are many blogs I interact with, and to be honest, this isn’t really one of them. I don’t know why. But, I am a liker on Facebook and like/ comment on posts every now and again, and also love receiving the newsletter, just because it is so beautiful. And, anyone who promotes for their kids to eat lots of veggies is alright in my books. So, I sent Sarah and email to tell her how much I love what she is doing. You can also check out her website at http://www.therawfoodmum.com

So, that’s me for the day. Have you sent an email to a business or blog that you like?


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