FREE 3 day challenge for women navigating infertility, TTC and loss


From Just Surviving
to Fully Thriving

Without howling at the moon, becoming a monk or going to live in a cave

Join me for a reviving three day challenge to help you go from just surviving to fully thriving through your infertility, TTC or pregnancy loss journey.

You'll Learn....

The crucial mental health education nobody taught us at school (which is why so many of us are completely derailed by major life events such as infertility and loss) and why what we grew up believing were good coping mechanisms.. are the same ones keeping us stuck.

How to feel (radically) better without having to meditate 3x per day, join a monastry or give up on trying to get pregnant, and how you can shift your mood almost instantly.

How to take back control of your brain (instead of it running away with thoughts 24/7) that feel like an exhausting broken record of worst case scenario worries.

The 3 secrets to a strong mental footing (that will help you develop lifelong emotional wellbeing skills) with 80% less work.

Meet your Host

Robyn Birkin is one of the leading authorities on emotional wellness for infertility and loss and is the host of the award-winning podcast, The Fertility Warriors (with nearly 1 million downloads to date).

Through her innovative brain-based programs, she helps women trying to conceive rediscover their spark, improve resilience and develop a toolkit that supports a strong emotional state (so they can tackle their conception journey with grace, grit and gratitude).

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I promise it's possible to navigate trying to conceive in a radically different way.