I was sitting and enjoying a hot shower and laughing to myself (it happens) and thought that although my blog is called Modern Day Missus, it is mostly about food (which is good too), but that I could probably mix it up a little with a few other posts here and there…. oh, and I was laughing at some of the following…. I may be actually funny, or I may be a huge dag…. let me know!


What’s Hot

  • A hot shower: Seriously, is there anything a hot shower doesn’t fix? Ok, it doesn’t fix lightbulbs… or dinner… or my sink…ok, maybe it doesn’t fix everything…
  • The Gruen Transfer: Doesn’t matter whether you love elections or you don’t, the other nights episode was gold. I think you can watch some on abc.net.au/gruentransfer…. You put the Rudd back in, you put the Rudd back out……
  • When your friend gives you flowers just because she thinks you’re an awesome friend



What’s Not

  • PMS Wardrobe: Tell me I’m not the only one whose fashion sense goes down the toilet when they’re about to get their period. I get to work and I’m all goddammit janet.
  • 32g sugar per 100g in my seaweed salad. And gross ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. And loads of salt. Nertz. LFMF – check the ingredient label before you buy something (but yes, I still ate a bowl, that was good money!)


  • When you go to cut open an avocado at work and it’s all brown. Noooooo.
  • When you try to share something on your Twitter page, but you’re accidently still logged into the company account. Oopsies.
  • When someone has a pen in their mouth, and take it out and has black around the mouth, so you say “Gee, you really should stop eating your pens”, but turns out it is just a reeeelllyyy nasty coldsore. And I mean dat sh*t nasty!
  • When you forget you have an acupuncture appointment, and forget to shave your legs…  dang.

So that pretty much sums up my week. Have a good weekend.