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Fertility Warrior Intensive

Train with me as I share my secrets for turning this ship around, pronto, to go from desperate and hopeless, to calm, connected and positive about the possibilities.

Fertility Warrior Intensive with Robyn Birkin
Robyn Birkin

Hi, I'm Robyn Birkin

I'm a coach, infertility survivor and wellness advocate from sunny Perth in Western Australia.

And I'm passionate about helping women struggling to become mama's.

I've felt the loneliness, desperation, obsession and deep sadness infertility and miscarriage bring, and I want to share my knowledge and reflections of all things spiritual, resilience, happiness and health with you through my blog and Fertility Warrior Intensive Program.

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Oh boy, it's so frustrating to feel like you have no control over your journey... especially when you're usually so used to being able to succeed, but letting go of the reigns a bit, could just help you get pregnant sooner... and it will definitely relieve some stress.

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