ready to write a new chapter, together?

we're here for the women trying to conceive and beyond, who are ready for a new way

We're here for the women who are no longer willing to martyr our entire lives, relationships, self esteem and self-confidence at all costs.

We believe that we matter.

We're not perfect, we're human
We have bad days, as well as good.

But we're here to take tiny steps forward each and every day in the ruthless pursuit of honouring our whole selves, not just the ruthless pursuit of having a baby at the sacrifice of everything else.

The Reset is about creating a blank slate and rewriting your story from worn out.. to warrior.

It's about having the skills, resilience and self-confidence to step out of anxiety and disempowerment and step into an unflappable mindset: one that can withstand not just the tornado of trying to conceive, but anything else that life throws your way.

It's not about getting back to who you were.

Or fulfilling a societal expectation.

It's about stepping into a new version of yourself.

It's about hitting the reset button and then writing a new chapter of your story.

And feeling empowered enough to create plot twists whenever you goddam please.

Your Story. Your Way. Your Whole Self.

If you’re feeling hoodwinked that trying to conceive might take (much) longer than you’d anticipated, you’re welcome here.

If you are feeling battered and bruised by infertility and trying to conceive, you’re welcome here.

If you’re feeling like infertility and loss have sabotaged your life and you’re standing at ground zero of the tornado of trying to conceive, you’re welcome here.

If you’re feeling completely broken and stuck in the fog of infertility and life has become a muddy fog, you’re welcome here.

Let’s change that, starting today.

imagine feeling like this...

I have a new sense of not letting the little things bother me.  I experienced a feeling of not being alone in this journey.  I think I changed before the program even began because I found your website.  I found a completely new way to think about stress.  It's difficult to explain but it has worked wonders! The self exploration and the fact that it helped me better communicate with loved ones has made this difficult journey so much better.

Natalie - Canada

I’ve learned about my relationship and ways to strengthen it. I’ve learned so many coping tips that have become sanity saving. I received some great advice on improving fertility and overall health. I think I’ve benefited in every area of my life.  Before, I was a mess - depressed, miserable, frantic, angry, so anxious about minutiae, no idea how to keep living. Now, I am in a completely different head space than before.

Taryn - Canada

The coping strategies were fantastic and I feel like my mindset was really re-programmed. Instead of focusing on the “big fail”, we started celebrating each “win” and step we were taking to go above and beyond what is “normally” required to have a baby.

Maggie - USA

G'day! I'm Robyn Birkin


With nearly a million downloads, and hundreds of clients from across the globe, Robyn Birkin is the leading authority on emotional wellbeing for women navigating infertility, loss and trying to conceive and the No 1 Business Mentor for women in wellness.

Robyn spent years trying to conceive before having her two ICSI babies and now supports others in the community through her programs and resources to help them reclaim their lives and rediscover themselves.

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ready to build an ethical and laid-back business that supports other women through life?

Navigating infertility, bringing my babies into the world and conquering my mind stopped me in my tracks and created the most magical plot twist in my life.

I learned that it was possible for me to create a life and business, on my terms: one that gave back to my community, grew beyond my wildest dreams and helped me spend oodles of precious time with the little people I worked so hard to create.

Discover the 3 biggest game changers on my journey to conceive

It took me several years of trying to conceive, including IUI’s, IVF and a miscarriage that broke my heart… before 3 major things completely changed the game for me, I fell pregnant soon after and I am now mumma to two beautiful girls. 

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