Hey, I'm Robyn,

I live in Sunny Perth with my surfie dude husband Ross, and my two miracle IVF (ICSI really) babies, Chloe and Olivia. They make me laugh and cry (both from happiness, joy, frustration and desperation!) every day and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have never turned down an offer of mashed potato, and have discovered that as you get older, you really do need to start wearing lipstick. Audiobooks are my life and learning that you can workout, in your living room, barefoot, has been a revelation. I know a thing or two about fertility after spending most of our live savings and several years in the pursuit of babies

I'm here for the women. Mostly the ones who wake up some days feeling like WTF is going on, but keep putting one foot in front of the other. I'm about riding the roller coaster of life, embracing the chaos, and fighting for what is important to YOU. I'm about being enough, just as we are, at this very moment.

How can I help?

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Oh boy, it's so frustrating to feel like you have no control over your journey... especially when you're usually so used to being able to succeed, but letting go of the reigns a bit, could just help you get pregnant sooner... and it will definitely relieve some stress.

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