10 reasons you shouldn’t test during the two week wait

So today, I’m going there, with 10 reasons you shouldn’t test during the two week wait.

Ahhh the two week wait. Otherwise known as the two weeks that feels like 84 years. Or pretty much the longest, most tortuous two weeks evverrrrrrrrr.

I’ve been there. MANY times.

I remember the first two weeks. Those two weeks were filled with anticipation and excitement. When I found out I wasn’t pregnant, I was taken aback slightly. ‘Hrmm…. next month’, I thought.

Well, I was wrong. And I went on to have many more two week waits after that.

In the middle of my journey, I was like a mad woman, burning through tests like there was no tomorrow, but as my journey went on, I stopped. Oh god, testing had been like an addiction. But it only fueled my madness!

And stopping helped restore some sanity.




So, here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t test during the two week wait, from someone who has been there!

1. Pregnancy tests are expensive

2. If you buy a cheap test, and the result is negative, you’ll wonder whether it was because it was a cheap test

3. If you did a cheap test, you’ll wonder if you did it wrong

4. Sometimes you’ll get a false positive from remaining HCG in your body from the trigger injection

5. You’ll burn through money

6. If you buy a cheap test, you want to test multiple times a day

7. It’s a waste of time, because sometimes pregnancy will only show legitimately after 14 days

8. You’ll get wee on your hands

9. All the negative tests will get you down. It’s all about the positivity, baby! Pregnant until proven otherwise!

10. You’ll get tested by the clinic anyway if you’re on fertility treatments


So although, I totally KNOW that this 14 days will feel like an eternity, try to hang in there and resist testing. #easiersaidthandone

And sending you lots of baby dust!

10 reasons you shouldn’t test during the two week wait



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