10 signs you’re not ok

 10 signs you’re not ok

Today on the podcast I’m talking about 10 of the physical and emotional signs that you might not actually be ok. Tell me I’m wrong, but I feel like in the world of infertility there are two camps, and I sit somewhere in the middle.


There’s the camp who will tell you that stress and infertility are completely unrelated and people need to stop talking about stress and infertility. The thing that I think doesn’t work in that scenario is that it normalises feeling really crappy and makes it feel like there is nothing you can do when you’re experiencing the emotional rollercoaster of infertility. I also think that the research that exists for us now DOES suggest that there can be a link between infertility and stress and most certainly between improved outcomes for women who undertake programs that can help them manage the stress of infertility.


Then there’s the other camp though who make it seem like you shouldn’t be stressed and that you should be a positive Polly dancing around a field of daisies like everything is fine… when clearly, you’re going through something that can be quite difficult, and I am a firm believer that infertility is multi-factorial – although sometimes there might be one red Herring, I feel like often there are additional factors at play, and handling your stress is not going to magically cure something like endometriosis. Many also feel like this is victim-blaming, and I could talk about this until the cows come home, although I will say this: infertility IS stressful, and there will continue to be stressful moments. I’d be super wary of anyone who said it wasn’t a thing.


I sit in the middle.

I feel like it’s like running a marathon.

It’s not going to be easy.

But training can help you get there much quicker and easier.

Yes, there will be days when you don’t feel like training.

Yes, there will be days when your running game is not on point.


But the training is where it’s at.

And Mind Body Fertility is the type of training I provide to help you run the marathon of infertility.


REGARDLESS, I don’t think it’s healthy to normalise intense stress associated with infertility because whilst I believe EVERYONE would benefit from help, there are some warriors who are not coping at all and who I strongly believe should seek some help, whether that’s through something like my program, or by seeing a therapist.


So, how do you know if you should see someone? I’ve shared 10 signs you’re not ok in this episode.


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