10 year unexplained fertility journey with Bella Hilton

The Fertility Warriors PodcastBella Hilton from Studio Fertility joined me for today’s podcast and shared with us all about her 10 year fertility journey,  which is actually so much more than just a fertility journey. Bella has navigated relationship challenges, grieving the possibility of never having children, breast cancer and 4 heartbreaking miscarriages.

This episode was SO long and I think you’ll get so much from Bella’s incredible story and strength of character, and how different her first fertility journey was from her second #relationshipgoals

In this episode, you’ll hear about:
  The BIG difference in the way Bella navigated her first and second fertility journeys
  How Bella knew, despite going through such a hard time, that ultimately she would be ok
  Her 4 part ‘worthy’ plan (right at the end)


Listen here.


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