17 Nut Free Bliss Ball Recipes

When I think back to how I ate two years ago, before I fell pregnant with Chloe, I feel like I ate much better. Or more so, that I was super disciplined.

I was desperate to fall pregnant and went to so many lengths, reading up on so many diets to make it happen.

I ate five meals a day and I was so good about what I ate – 5 meals a day, heaps of leafy greens, smoothies and…. you guessed it… bliss balls.

In wellness circles, gluten and dairy are huge no-no’s, for various reasons I believe.

Dairy for me – piece of cake, but lately around these parts it’s been a total toast fest. Gluten everywhere.

And given that I have a high ANA, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a little gluten intolerance hiding somewhere.

So, I need to cut this shit out, and get back to eating like I used to. My snacks are a good way to start, so I’ve compiled a list of a whole bunch of delicious-looking bliss balls. I was going to do one huge list, but I’ve decided to break it into three, starting with this one, 17 nut free bliss ball recipes. Seriously, how good to these look, and there are some awesome, out of the box ingredients.

The other two are date free bliss balls and non chocolate bliss balls


Nut free bliss balls from Robyn at Modern Day Missus


  1. Zucchini Bread Bites – Healthy Helper 
  2. Pumpkin Granola Snack Bites – Feasting on Fruit
  3. Lemon Millett Bliss Balls – Feasting on Fruit
  4. Mint Chocolate Sunflower Bites – Strength and Sunshine
  5. Pumpkin Pie Snack Bites – Strength and Sunshine
  6. Chocolate Covered Chickpea Protein Balls – Emilie Eats
  7. Tahini Caramel Buckwheat Balls – Delicious Everyday
  8. Nut Free Bliss Ball – Move Nourish Believe
  9. Date, Orange and Rosemary Balls – Quite Good Food
  10. Nut Free Bliss Balls – Wholefood Simply
  11. Decadent Spicy Raw Carob Hemp Bites – Unconventional Baker 
  12. Sunflower Fig Balls – Veggie Inspired Journey
  13. No Bake Red Velvet Cake Pops – Craving Nature
  14. Raw Beauty Bites – Heather Mcclees
  15. Indulgent Healthy Chocolate Bliss Balls – Pretty Wee Things
  16. Low Allergy Kindy Balls – Pretty Wee Things
  17. Apricot Lunchbox Balls – Stacey Clare

If you have a nut free bliss ball recipe you’d like to contribute, link to it in the comments 🙂


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