20 Q’s with Modern Day Missus, Angie

Happy Sunday!

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Angie, another wonderful member of the tribe, who hails from sunny California. Rosco and I travelled to LA about two years ago and loved it!

I can really relate to so many things Angie has written, especially about loving avocados and the impact of the documentary, Earthlings. The documentary, Earthlings was what finally got me to take the plunge into veganism, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone too.


Name: Angie

Blog Name: Angie Eats Peace

Where are you from? Sunny Southern California

Describe your eating/life style in one sentence: A juicing vegan who still loves her junk food.

Main reason for choosing this lifestyle: My number one reason is for the animals. I found out all the other benefits of veganism later, which only strengthened my commitment.

Number one lesson learnt since embarking on this lifestyle: Preparation is key! I do most of my own meal prep and check out menus online before going out to eat. If I am eating at someone else’s house, I offer to bring a dish or snack before.

Typical breakfast: Smoothie, green juice or oatmeal with fruit.

Typical lunch: A monstrous kale salad, edamame tacos with avocado (my new favorite obsession!) or leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.

Typical dinner: Some variation of beans and rice, maybe quinoa + black beans and loads of veggies. If it has been a busy day and I choose to eat out, I usually go for Thai or Mediterranean.

Your most popular blog post: The post about my 2 Day Juice Cleanse

I can’t live without…. AVOCADOS. Every time I consider moving out of California, the availability of avocados is always a factor in my potential decision making.

The movie I think everyone should watch is: The documentary Earthlings. It is by no means easy to sit through, but no matter what your dietary choices are, I think it’s so important to be aware of how we have historically treated animals, and make an informed decision about our food choices.

The book that changed my life is: Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart: A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness by Mark Epstein. This combined two of my favorite interests; psychology and Eastern religion. It truly helped me work through a difficult period of my life and change some negative thinking patterns.

Favourite recipe book: It’s really hard to choose one, so any written by Isa Chandra Moskowitz or Terry Hope Romero. I am truly grateful for all their work and creativity. I am not sure I could have made the switch to veganism without all the options they opened up for me.

Do you exercise? Yes. I try to do some form of yoga 3-5xs per week, and I teach a Beginner’s yoga class once per week. I run, when I feel like it (I am a recovering marathon runner, it truly is addictive) and I try to mix strength training in 1-2xs per week.


Three blogs you recommend: I love the creative and healthy recipes created by Angela at Oh She Glows, Barb creates delicious comfort food at That Was Vegan and Thug Kitchen just cracks me up.

Number one lesson learnt since you started blogging: Stay authentic. Just because something works for someone else, does not mean it will work for you. Readers want to hear your own voice.

On the weekend, where will we find you? Hiking in the mountains, camping in the desert or dancing on the beach. I take full advantage of the amazing and diverse landscape in California.

If you could have dinner with one person (dead, alive, real or not real), who would it be? My father, who passed away two years ago.

Favourite quote: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” –Dalai Lama

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Angie!


We’d love to hear your story! If you’d like to share your story, get in touch at robyn@moderndaymissus.com.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Robyn xx