20 Q’s with Modern Day Missus, Holly

Hey there,

How is your week going? In Australia, this year we’re coming out of a long weekend (Easter) and straight back into another one (ANZAC Day) so this week was only a three-day working week.  How cool is that?!

So, I won’t be doing this on a weekly basis or anything, but every now and again, I want to bring you 20 questions with a reader, a fellow Modern Day Missus. I don’t know about you, but I am SO curious, but I also love finding inspiration in how people have come to make the choices they make and what things have made an impact on their lives.

I’ve known Holly since I was about five years old. She is my little sisters best friend, and they have been since they were three. VERY early on, when I first started writing my blog, I had this reader, Holly Ross. I wasn’t really sure who Holly was but I always used to think how rad I thought Holly was for being one of my first readers. Well, it was Holly. The Holly I’ve known for like forever! It was just that now she is all grown up and is married and I didn’t recognise her with her new name.

Well, Holly is still rad, and she is our first interviewee:

Meet Modern Day Missus, Holly
Meet Modern Day Missus, Holly

Name: Holly

Where are you from? Perth (Australia), but living in Houston, and about to move to Angola!

Describe your eating/life style in one sentence: Vegetarian focusing on meals that are nutritious, packed with goodness and are unbelievably delicious!

Main reason for choosing this lifestyle: A simple desire to be healthy and live a long and happy life

Main reason for sticking with it? See question number four!

Number one lesson learnt since embarking on this lifestyle: Vegetarian food can be awesome!  You just need a desire to explore the culinary world.  I haven’t once looked back to meat!

What would you say is the biggest challenge? This lifestyle has made me focus more on the nutritional content of our meals and so I would say just making sure we have well balanced meals that provide us with every vitamin, mineral and nutrient our bodies need.

Typical breakfast: Oatmeal/porridge with some pecans, walnuts and a smidge of brown sugar

Typical lunch: Usually leftovers from dinner the night before!

Typical dinner: There is no typical dinner in our household!  Nearly every dinner is something I have never made before and is inspired by vegetarian food blogs like this one 🙂

What is your go-to recipe? Kelli’s Asian inspired burritos (vege version of course!)… Kelli is a friend of ours… we’ll have to get her to provide us with the recipe!

I can’t live without…. My Husband 🙂  And food!!

The movie I think everyone should watch is: Anyone who knows me knows that I am the girl who has not seen very many movies..!  But one I think every girl should see is “The Holiday”.  It’s just one of those warm and fuzzy ones that I love.

The book that changed my life is: The China Study

Favourite recipe book: Oh my goodness, what a question.  Where to start?!  There are so many good books on my shelf!  At the moment I am loving Chloe Coscarell’s “Chloe’s Kitchen” as it is helping us trend towards Veganism with some delicious recipes!

Do you exercise? (if so, how often and what type) I run three to five times per week and occasionally jump on the rowing machine

Three blogs you recommend:  1. Cookie and Kate    2. Sprouted Kitchen       3. Smitten Kitchen  

On the weekend, where will we find you? Catching up on sleep, going for a run or glued to food blogs

If you could have dinner with one person (dead, alive, real or not real), who would it be, and why? I’m going to break the rules here and say four people:  my Mum, my two Grandmas and my mum in law.  A table of women that mean so much to me and who have helped carve some of my strongest food memories.

Favourite quote: One I saw recently on a magazine: “Live your best life”

Thank you so much Holly. For being such a lovely supporter and reader and such a cool chick.

I’d love to profile more of you!

You don’t have to have a blog, just part of the Modern Day Missus tribe, but if you do have a blog, my questions are slightly different.

If you’d like to take part, just flick me an email at robyn@moderndaymissus.com and I’ll send you the questions.

In the spirit of the blog, although I’d love to hear from anyone, I’m sure you’ll understand that I won’t be able list any recipes or meals that contain meat. I’m sure you understand 🙂

Enjoy the wonderful long weekend for those of you in Oz.

Robyn xx

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