39 lessons in 39 years

The Fertility Warriors PodcastI turned 39 in January! Truth be told I’m actually REALLY excited about entering this chapter in my life. I can honestly say I’ve learnt SO much more in my 30s, than any other time in my life. My infertility journey triggered this uncomfortable growth in me, and I can now also look back on with gratitude for the lessons it provided to me.

Tune into this week’s podcast where I share my biggest lessons over the last 39 years although below are the cliff notes. Enjoy! And, reach out to me on Instagram to let me know what you think.

  1. How you speak to yourself, is one of the important things you can control
  2. Stop looking at what you want to achieve or do, and start thinking about how you want to feel
  3. Most of the time, in the present moment, things are fine, safe and boring
  4. You only live once
  5. There is never a wrong decision
  6. Stop caring so much about what your parents want and start thinking about what YOU want
  7. Deep down inside, YOU know the answer
  8. Money is a renewable resource, time is not
  9. Never discount the lessons in the journey
  10. The worst-case rarely ever happens. Neither does the best case. It’s usually somewhere in the middle
  11. Everyone deserves respect
  12. Often, what triggers you (or what triggers someone else) is more about you and less about them
  13.  Perfection is a unicorn
  14. Balance is BS
  15. Do the scary things
  16. Most things are change-your-mindable
  17. Most things are figureoutable if you commit to navigating solutions
  18. >> But you get to choose whether you want to take the shortcut
  19. The 5 minute rule >> ask yourself – what do I need right now
  20. Get a cleaner
  21. You can control more things than you think
  22. Everyone suffers
  23. Expect obstacles
  24. Being hopeful feels better than trying not to get your hopes up
  25. Crying feels good
  26. A hot (or cold) shower or a walk outside fixes most things     
  27. Get your mind right FIRST
  28. Women do not exist on a 24 hour cycle
  29. Sometimes the rest is the work
  30. Sometimes it’s not giving up, it’s changing priorities
  31. Life has seasons
  32. Guilt is a motherf*cker
  33. Sometimes things take time and it’s not about quitting or giving up or that it’s not working. It’s that you’re still on the path to getting there
  34. Sometimes friendships hibernate
  35. Your mood is a mirror
  36. You should always make your bed
  37. You don’t need to believe everything your brain tells you
  38. Meaningful human connection is a life force
  39. Your future could look NOTHING like you had ever planned and be a THOUSAND times better than you could have ever imagined


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