41 truths about infertility

41 truths about infertility by Robyn Birkin at Modern Day Missus



The Science

  1. 1 in 8 couples will struggle to fall pregnant after trying fall or 12 months
  2. 80% of infertility cases have a known medical cause
  3. More than 1% of Australian babies are born with the help of assisted reproductive technologies
  4. The science is still young.  Improvements are being made every day
  5. …but many are reluctant to pour money into researching it, because nobody dies from infertility


The desperation

  1. You’d stand on your head after sex, while singing the alphabet, wearing only pink, between the hours of 5.30pm and 6.30pm if you thought it would help
  2. You’re pretty sure you’re keeping the pregnancy test companies afloat just with your purchases alone
  3. You can’t help but interpret every single symptom as a possible pregnancy symptom
  4. You become an expert in how to fall pregnant, even though you can’t
  5. It doesn’t take two to tango…. You have a whole team working on getting you pregnant


The feelings

  1. Some days it feels like nobody understands what you’re going through
  2. There is no such thing as not trying
  3. Some days you feel like the one thing you’re supposed to do as a human, have children, is impossible
  4. Infertility is an incredibly lonely journey
  5. …. Even when you spend most mornings in a crowded fertility clinic
  6. It’s impossible to NOT know where you’re at with your cycle
  7. Everything takes longer than you think it will
  8. The two week wait feels like the two month wait… every time
  9. It hurts, even if you’ve been down this road before
  10. The specialist tells you that twins carry a higher risk to it is better to implant only one egg, but secretly you’re hoping it will be twins so you never have to go through this experience again


Everyone around you…

  1. Infertility causes stress, stress doesn’t cause infertility
  2. People telling you to stop stressing, is your number one cause of stress
  3. It feels like everyone around you has decided to have children right when you can’t
  4. You always get asked why you don’t just adopt
  5. … or about surrogacy
  6. … or who is at fault…. Like it matters


The funny side of it…

  1. You feel like you know a different language because you learn all the different fertility acronyms like TTC, BFP, AF and CM
  2. You’ve met the ‘dildo ultrasound’
  3. You shelve it several times a day…. And I’m not referring to books
  4. You inject yourself like it ain’t no thang
  5. You don’t have PMS, you have everyday-crazy-woman-on-fertility-drugs-syndrome
  6. Talking about your bowel movements with your male acupuncturist seems legit
  7. Your nickname is pin cushion
  8. You feel like you’ve opened your legs for half your town
  9. You’ll never look at raw egg whites the same again
  10. Your bedside table is filled with crystals, good luck charms… and a sharps container


The outcome

  1. Everyone’s journey is different
  2. Not everyone will have a happy ending
  3. … but many do
  4. … and you are more than your struggle. You are a brave warrior, and baby or no baby…
  5. You WILL get through this, I promise

Can you add any truths to this list?