5 Money Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now

How to afford IVFToday on the podcast it’s my pleasure to welcome Devon Baeza. Devon has the trifecta here to help us! She’s a fellow Fertility Warrior herself, she has a degree in finance AND she is also a master life coach.

Devon says now is the best possible time to make positive changes in your life, while you’re working on your future family, because the work you do now can serve you forever.

No matter what route you take, it really adds up. Even if it’s just buying supplements, even if it’s cleaning out your cleaning products and just buying natural ones, acupuncture, online courses like the Fertility Warrior Intensive etc, these are all things we have to pay for. 

The 5 Money Mistakes and Devon’s Tips:

1. Your number one mistake is thinking that your money issues are about money. 

Money is an easy thing to focus on during your fertility struggles because it’s tangible. All of a sudden you’re hyper focussed on money because you can control it. When you start to peel back the layers and think about what else this money represents, then you can  take steps to address those underlying issues and all of a sudden you feel much more able to spend the money and allow money to flow more easily to you.

2.  Another money mistake that costs people money, is not having enough information.

Don’t base a super expensive medical decision off one person’s opinion. Give yourself time to consider what you’ve been told and get a second opinion.

3. Having too much information can also be a problem and can cost you. 

It’s hard to make a decision when you have too many options available to you, when we get overwhelmed, we shut down completely. If you must Google for more information, give yourself a time limit. 

4. Making decisions based on fear. 

Fear is what stops people–if you dig deep enough the fear is the scarcity mindset and a scarcity money block is so common but especially for people struggling with fertility. The messages you’re receiving are continually–‘there is not enough’. You can make some expensive decisions that went the wrong way, that you didn’t have to make, because you were scared that there wasn’t going to be enough. If money wasn’t an issue, what decisions would you be making?

5. You’re missing out on manifesting. 

It’s fun, easy and really important work that translates into other parts of our life. If you’re determined to not let money stop you from motherhood, no matter what it looks like, keep going until you get there, you’ll find the money to do it, it’s on its way to you and you can make, save and manifest money for fertility treatments. It’s absolutely possible for you! The skills you learn during this time and the growth you have as a person, as a woman, as the mother you’re becoming, will serve you for the rest of life. There’s a purpose for everything you’re going through and you’re becoming exactly who you need to be.

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