5 reasons guided meditations may not be working for you

This is for anyone who has tried meditating, but still feels heavy under the weight of trying to conceive, and why meditations might not be working for you.

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of women in my programs, previously The Fertility Warrior Intensive but now my program is called The Reset and… it’s been really interesting because so many of the women I’ve worked with are… just like me.

Type A personalities.

I was the type who really and truly struggled with:

Not being able to hard work myself into getting pregnant

Feeling out of control in my life and not knowing what my future would look like

And so many of the women we’ve worked with are exactly the same.

My programs haven’t supported them with education on getting pregnant because honestly, the majority of women, haven’t needed it – being educated hasn’t been the problem – everyone is already (by and large) taking the supplements, eating a healthy diet, knows when they’re ovulating.

And almost everyone has also already tried meditating to feel better.

For some it helps a little, for some it has made them feel more anxious (which has then often led to them feeling like they’re doing it wrong or they’re broken). So spoiler alert – you’re not broken… but meditating might not be right for you, or might not be enough.

Tune into today’s podcast to learn more about:

The 5 reasons guided meditations might not be working for you

What might be a better strategy for women who’ve experienced trauma

The 3 pillars we focus on in my program, The Reset

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