5 signs it’s time for a second opinion on your infertility and IVF journey

second opinion infertilityOk… today’s podcast is about 5 signs it’s time for a second opinion on your infertility and IVF journey… after the many people I’ve recently told deserve a second opinion.

In reality, I’ve actually shared 7 signs…. With the first one being that if you’re considering whether you should get a second opinion…. This podcast may be the sign you’ve been waiting for to give you permission to do so, and the second one being that your Specialist or Doctor should NOT mind if you seeking a second opinion… and if they do – that’s possibly even more of a sign that you SHOULD get one because it means that they may not be open to being wrong and they may be fixed in their ways. 

The stakes are high here – emotionally, physically, financially – so you deserve to be able to have the peace of mind (as a customer) that you’re on the right track and that everything is being done to help you get pregnant.

Tune into today’s episode to hear the other 5 signs it’s time for a second opinion on your infertility and IVF journey.

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