5 tips to finding happiness during infertility

Happiness during Infertility?! I bet some of the people reading and listening today would question whether it is possible to find happiness during infertility at all.

I remember what it was like in the early days of my infertility quite vividly. Months of crying on the bathroom floor, having meltdowns to my husband, wondering whether I would ever become a mother and always feeling like so much was being asked of me.

So you might be wondering not only how to find happiness during infertility, but moreso WHETHER it is possible, whilst you’re trying to conceive, to find happiness.

And here is what I want to tell you:

You can be going through something really hard and shitty, at the SAME time as having an incredibly happy life.

So in today’s podcast, we dive into 5 tips to find happiness during infertility and whilst you’re trying to conceive, as well as how you might be sabotaging your happiness subconsciously.

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Here are the five tips, but you’ll have to tune into the episode to find out more:

  1. Take life off pause
  2. Let go of how you thought it would happen – surrender
  3. Stop trying to be perfect
  4. Be gentle with and nice to yourself
  5. Find your energy gains

If you’d like more guidance on how to survive your fertility journey, did you know I have a free library? There are cheat sheets, ebooks, meditations and affirmations in there waiting for you right now. And it’s completely free. Visit robynbirkin.com/library to subscribe and receive access.



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