5 ways to feel more positive through infertility

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and looking at some of the accounts in my feed…. And the overwhelming thought was ‘wow this all feels very heavy’ – and I started to think…. About my own account, about infertility and about our feelings in general.

Feel more positive through infertilityValidation is SO important. It’s important that we share with people the difficult emotions of infertility. The trauma, the divorce and PTSD – it’s so important that we meet people where they’re at.

But I also think it’s SO important… that we show the other side. Because then it just stays heavy.

Almost like… I know what it feels like to be stuck in a well…. It’s hard.

But also…. Let me help you get out of the well.
Let me help you cope whilst you’re in the well
Let me help you find hope and positivity while you’re in the well

I think those messages are also important.

And perhaps somewhere along the way, with cancel culture and the rise of the concept of toxic positivity… I wonder whether the message that it’s ok to want to feel positive and uplifted…. Has had the volume turned down.

Staying positive all the time is exhausting and not necessarily a healthy strategy, however, it’s my true belief that it IS possible to feel better through infertility, and more positive and more hopeful – and I’ve seen it with the hundreds of clients who’ve engaged in my programs and left testimonials and reviews.

So, if you’re feeling like it’s all a little heavy and you’d like some strategies – some easy to implement and practical tips on how to feel a little more positive through infertility, this episode is for you.


Listen here.