7 Myths Holding You Back From Falling Pregnant

On today’s episode we’re talking about 7 Myths Holding You Back From Falling Pregnant. A lot of this comes back to mindset and the opinions and beliefs we have that are keeping us stuck or stopping us from keeping an open mind to allow ourselves to progress forward. For some of you, this might be a bit confronting, but I hope you listen with an open mind and I really hope for some of you, you experience the a-ha moment you’ve been searching for.

Key takeaways:

1. There’s something missing (or a magic bullet you need to find)

There’s no one size fits all strategy to falling pregnant, there’s not going to be one little thing that you can do to help yourself fall pregnant. For example, for PCOS, often it’s in diet, a diet that focuses on keeping your insulin levels stable. That might be a little intermittent fasting, a focus on eating wholefoods with a low GI or low insulin index and cutting our processed and simple carbs. For someone suffering from endometriosis, an autoimmune disease, things are going to be different again. There’s no magic little supplement you can take to make you magically fall pregnant. If you’re struggling to fall pregnant, you may need intervention, it may be a longer process, or you may need to undertake some lifestyle and mindset changes in order to fall pregnant

2. That you’re not doing enough

There’s always more we can be doing, but half the time, things contradict each other. You might find that you’re already doing tonne of stuff to help yourself in your journey than the average Joe does to fall pregnant, so you have to go easy on yourself sometimes and recognise that you are doing heaps! There’s always more we can be doing in all aspects of our lives. The answer is to feel confident that you are doing enough on your journey and that they may take a little bit of time.

3. That you don’t have the money

You might not have the money now, but money is a renewable resource. Sometimes we pour money into the wrong things like our daily coffees or Netflix. There are plenty of ways you can save differently and plenty of ways you can restructure your finances or prioritise other things. This mindset shift can be empowering.

4. That you don’t have the time

We all have the same number of hours in a day. If you say you don’t have time to meditate, exercise or write in your journal, do a review of where you’re spending your time and energy and call yourself out if you’re wasting time or spending a lot of time being unproductive­—like spending time on social media!

5. That you’re not handling this well or that you should be handling infertility better

Infertility is really hard. Research has shown that infertility is just a stressful as a cancer diagnosis, heart disease or AIDS diagnosis. You’re constantly beating yourself up because you feel upset or because you feel it’s all too hard because you have moments when you break down in tears or sometimes you may feel that it’s not appropriate, but I bet that you’re handling this like a boss! You’re maintaining a job, working hard, juggling all the blood tests etc and keeping up appearances when you have to attend baby showers. Please don’t have the mindset that you’re not handling this very well or that you’re not doing very good on your journey, because I know that you are.

6. That it’s not meant to be

Are you telling yourself the lie that you wouldn’t make a good mother so that’s why this isn’t happening or maybe the universe is giving you a sign that you’re not meant to be in this space right now? I always call bullshit on people who think that. Your biggest cheerleader, which should be you, should be saying, “You’re doing an amazing job at trying to fall pregnant, I’m really proud of you and what you’re doing, this is just going to take some time it is going to be a process and we need to work through it,” rather than constantly beating yourself up in your head. I want you to call yourself out on the stories you’re telling yourself.

7. That you can’t [insert the thing here]

Whenever we say, “I can’t,” I always think of these as limiting beliefs. As type A’s we’re used to working hard and getting everything that we want because we work hard for it. Then this journey comes along, we don’t get what we want, and we start beating ourselves up over it constantly. For example, we easily give up on mediation. These things take a little time. It’s not about doing it perfectly it’s about giving yourself time to be mindful and to breathe deeply. Don’t ever think that you can’t, whenever you hear yourself say that you can’t, check in with yourself to see whether that is actually the case or whether you’re just telling yourself lies.

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