7 reasons to develop a strong mindset through infertility


On today’s podcast I talk about 7 really compelling reasons why you might decide to shift your focus to, and invest in cultivating a strong mindset, and some of these are things you may not have thought of before.

When I talk about investment, I’m not just talking about money (although obviously sometimes things cost money! ha!) but I’m also talking about…. Shifting your mental load and focus, prioritising your time and investing in being open to change.

Truly… the way you’re feeling and dealing through infertility, loss and trying to conceive, can have a positive ripple effect throughout your entire life… not just for what is going on for you now.. But in terms of the future you and any future setbacks or challenges you experience in the future.

Tune into today’s podcast and let me know what you think. I’m so humbled that so many of you listen to me every Wednesday. A BIG thank you. Here’s 7 reasons to develop a strong mindset through infertility.

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