8 beliefs that are a game changer for mental health

Over the years I’ve had certain beliefs that have shifted…. That have been game changers for my mental health and moving forward.

In today’s podcast, I talk about eight of these game changers and how these have benefitted my life (and how they can benefit yours too!)

It’s a pretty broad spectrum… but once you can start making shifts in your mindset, it starts to filter down through to the decisions you make… and then the experiences that you have of life, how you weather the storms of life and generally the lens through which you view your life. Which flows through to your mental health.

Tune into the podcast and let me know what you think! On the podcast I also mentioned my Instagram – and yep! I share lots of additional trainings and resources over on Instagram, as well as a big Q+A sticker on Wednesday’s and on Fridays (to lighten the mood) I share some funny memes I’ve come across (and almost always – they’ve got nothing to do with fertility or trying to conceive!) Come and follow me @robynbirkin

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