8 things you need to know about ovulation


Today on the podcast I’m talking about 8 things you need to know about ovulation. Honestly, I think this stuff is fascinating, but I also think it’s really hard to understand, and really hard to get right, so I wanted to share a few things I’ve learnt along the way with you. Hopefully I’ll blow your mind with one or two of these tidbits (especially the one about cervical mucus!) and you’ll learn one or two helpful things.

First up in the podcast I talk about how your ovulation works and all of the hormones at play and exactly what they do.

I also talk about how to track your ovulation using different methods such as tracking your basal body temperature, using your cervical mucus, and when that all gets too much (as it did for me after a number of months!), things that can help you calculate these like saliva tests, pee tests and these nifty devices that help tell whether you’re fertile or not using a calculation of your cycle, menstruation dates and basal body temp.

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There’s so much that can go wrong and that we can get wrong when it comes to ovulation and fertility, that it’s important to realise that it doesn’t necessarily have to be just timing that is off, and that there are some healthy lifestyle changes we can make to help our fertility.

And lastly, while many of us will do everything in our power to fall pregnant from a lifestyle/timing/complimentary therapy perspective, some of us will still need help from western medicine, and that’s ok, but while some of our fertility journey is taken out of our hands, it’s important that we have a knowledge of the process and the medications so that we can ensure the right testing is done, and that we’re not just given a band-aid approach… because after all…. time is money…. and time is time!!!

Let me know what you thought of this episode! Write in the comments and tell me if there was anything in there you think was helpful.


Robyn xx

8 things you need to know about ovulation


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