You may have noticed that I haven’t been around for a few weeks. Well there is an explanation for that…. Grab a coffee…. This is going to be a long one.

Life is a journey

How it all began…

I first started my blog a few years ago because I wanted to keep up with the cool kids in town – the online development team. I was in a role with about 20 young things below me who were constantly asking me to ‘translate’ what the online guys were saying, so I thought that if I could create something myself and learn about how websites work, then I’d be in.

So off I set. I started with Joomla, and it was the crappest thing I’d ever seen. At first, I thought to myself ‘oh god’ how am I ever going to be able to do this?! Then, I discovered blogspot, and then wordpress. Suddenly the world made sense.

At that stage the reason for my blog was for me to learn how to be better at my job.

The blog wasn’t even really about food to begin with. I shared stories and other stuff, but somehow it morphed into that. It wasn’t even about vegetarian food (as I’ve been going through the recipes over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing myself write all these options/ suggestions that people can add bacon! Eeek!).

Gradually, my blog started to focus on healthy living and was exclusively about vegetarian food. I created a Facebook page and started actively engaging in other blogs and learning more, and developing a passion for food and healthy living. I started reading nutritional books with genuine interest (to give you a bit of background on me and reading – I literally watched the movie of Macbeth in Year 12 before my TEE exams so I didn’t have to read the book!)

I read Skinny Bitch, The China Study, The Kind Diet, Crazy, Sexy Diet and other books about how to reverse heart disease and diabetes etc (I also read books about Paleo and other various lifestyles). At one point in my blog I made the commitment to eat less dairy.

I watched documentaries like Forks Over Knives, Food Inc and Food Matters.

It wasn’t so much about learning online development anymore, it was about being part of a community and I’d developed this passion for healthy living.

At the same time my blog started changing direction, I started seeing a naturopath and Rosco and I also started to trying for a baby. I’m sure these two things have also had a lot to do with my change in attitude/ lifestyle too.

That was over a year and a half ago. As I’m sure you can guess, we don’t have a baby. We don’t even have a fertilised egg! Bummer dude.

So, what does any of this have to do with anything?

Well, we’ve been at the fertility clinic since February. We did our first IUI last month (and we’ve done a few other bits and bobs before that) but just before we started, I found myself in a bit of a funk.

I’m a freakin’ goddess of health, I’ve been doing acupuncture and everything else under the sun, but for some reason mother nature doesn’t want this to happen, and we can’t work out why. Arrggghh, so frustrating.

I’m also a Capricorn, and I don’t handle not being in control very well. This wasn’t in my bloody plan!

So then, I read a whole bunch of other books. I kept reading that an intolerance to dairy and gluten can cause infertility, and, since I wasn’t such a fan of either to begin with, I cut them both out. While I was there, sure why not, I cut out eggs too.

With the exception of the side effects from all the meds I’m on, I actually feel so fantastic, and while you’d think that doing a vegan, gluten free thing would be hard, I haven’t had a problem with it yet.

The IUI didn’t work, so I’ve gone into another one back-to-back, but at some stage the money is going to run out, and the emotional toll will be too much.

So, what about this baby making?

So, on the fertility front, I’ve made the decision that come April 2014, I’m going to reclaim my life and stop trying. I had already pulled myself out of my depression session (after about a week), but now I feel like I’m in control. Now I’m planning holidays and making other plans for next year if everything doesn’t work out.

I feel a lot happier.

I’m probably not going to blog about it or mention it again, unless people want me to, but I’m also happy to answer any q’s from people on my FB page if they want, privately or publicly.

Fall down seven times

And what does this have to do with your blog?

The other thing that happened was I watched Earthlings.

Words still cannot describe the horror I felt.

I already felt that a plant-based diet was the best diet, knew about what farms are like and wasn’t eating any animal products anyway.

But, until then, I was a vegetarian, who just happened to be eating a diet with no animal products, mostly because of the fertility thing.

You can see where this is going, right?

I wanted to watch the documentary, because the passion I have is for knowledge. I want to know this stuff, I want to understand.

And now I just don’t think I can do it.

There was a day in my life when I thought, ‘pfft I could never give up bacon!!’  Then, there was a time in my life when I thought ‘as if I could ever give up cheese’, and now I’m a hippie, granola eating vegan. I’ve turned into one of those!

Which came the dilemma

What do I do about the blog??? **panic**

I can’t be someone who advocates a vegan lifestyle, but still has all these recipes with a tonne of cheese in them.

My blog redirects to a subdomain – (I had forgotten why until I looked a few weeks ago – the original site still had all my stories on it).

But, I daresay the majority of people who read my blog aren’t vegan. They read my blog just for the healthy living stuff, or the vegetarian recipes, or just because they like the food.

What if someone goes to my blog looking for a previous vegetarian recipe?


I thought about giving up the blog.

After all, I don’t do it for any money and I don’t do it for any fame (phew – because I would have failed on both of those fronts!)

But, I love the community and I love the dialogue, and I like being able to look back at my recipes (because I can never remember how to make them otherwise!)

Introducing the new Modern Day Missus

I decided that I wanted to keep blogging but it wouldn’t be me if my blog had food on it with animal products, so (gasp), I deleted over half of my posts.

Modern Day Missus is now about healthy living, one vegan step at a time.

I’ve ported it all back to, added a whole new pages and a new design.

But, for anyone who wishes to see the old recipes, I’ve created a PDF E-book of them which you can download here (Modern Day Missus – Vegetarian Eats)

Phew, that was a lot of work, and I’ve still got some more bits and bobs to go, but I’m on the way.

Thank you

My blog doesn’t have many followers, and I never set it up with the intention of being a rock star, but for every single person who follows my blog, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for supporting me on my journey, thank you for liking my posts or commenting on my site and thank you for all your awesome blogs too.

I feel like I’ve found a passion now and I’m excited for what the future holds, and I want to share it with others.

I hope you’ll stick by me!