Baby Shower Tips

Ugghhhhhhhh, baby showers. When you’re infertile and invited to a baby shower, all of a sudden it feels like a different ball game. A different, awful, longest couple of hours of your life, ball game.

And it can be really tempting to try and avoid it altogether. On today’s podcast, I’m sharing my very best baby shower tips, both at a practical level and at an emotional level. If you are infertile and invited to a baby shower, you’ll receive some next level baby shower tips.

First up, I think you should go.

You’ll need to assess your emotional capacity but where you can, I recommend you do. In the podcast I talk about what to do if you feel you cannot possibly attend, but also WHY your brain is being a bit sneaky on you and why I think you should attend.

And then we dive into my tips. Here they are at a glance, but make sure you hit play on this episode and get the full run down on these baby shower tips:

  1. I think you should go
  2. Arrive late and leave early
  3. Have some responses ready
  4. Have a wingman
  5. Go easy on yourself and your diet
  6. Be gracious
  7. Bring along something that will help you feel strong
  8. Soak up that energy as good juju

So, what’s your best baby shower tip? DM me on Instagram and let me know x


Listen here.


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