Be the squeaky wheel

Today’s podcast is all about being a powerful advocate for yourself at the fertility clinic. And… if things aren’t going swimmingly, this is my plea, to please be the squeaky wheel.

Today on one of our support calls for the Membership (Fully Supported is our continuation membership for The Reset) and as part of a promotion we have been running, we chatted about blood tests.

And the fact that…. 9/10 Doctors haven’t run the full panel of tests that could be run.

And whilst I’m a huge advocate for conventional medicine and have so much love and respect for Fertility Specialists – this isn’t about them. I’m all here for you.

On today’s Podcast I talk about:

  • Why it’s so important to advocate for yourself
  • My own story of how advocating for myself resulted in big changes that I firmly believe helped me get pregnant
  • What being the squeaky wheel looks like (and where to start)
  • And what might happen (and why you should never worry about it) when you become that squeaky wheel.

I talked about a bunch of links today on the podcast to programs and free downloads. See below to get started with any:

My free masterclass

The Reset Program – my go-at-your-own pace program

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