Best Diet for IVF: What the Science Says with Elizabeth Cherevaty

Best Diet for IVF: What the Science Says with Elizabeth CherevatyToday on the podcast I’m welcoming the lovely Elizabeth Chervaty to the podcast. Liz has conducted two masterclasses within our Fertility Membership and is a total powerhouse Naturopathic Doctor who practices from her award-winning clinic, Two Rivers Health in Ontario, Canada… AND she has just published her first book, IVF Meal Plan.

You guys, I’ve read this book. It’s nearly 200 pages (but super easy to read and with absolutely gorgeous recipes) of what foods and why, coupled with, as the title suggests… a meal plan to maximise your chances of success with IVF, and Elizabeth’s philosophy on diet is pretty much EXACTLY the same as mine, so I wanted to get her on today to talk all things diet and IVF… but also dive a little further into what kind of things they do to help women along their journey at her clinic.

Key Takeaways and Elizabeth’s tips on how to take back power on our fertility journey:

  • A diet that supports optimal fertility doesn’t need to be filled with crazy foods.
  • The best style of diet for women going through IVF is the Mediterranean style diet.
  • Going gluten and dairy free may not be necessary for everyone, but if you choose to, it can be an easy process.
  • Going into your health care experiences, be your own best advocate or bring someone with you, that can be your advocate or presence in the room so it’s not just you versus the doctor (even if you like your doctor).
  • Be organised and write down your questions. Feel empowered that this is your visit and body and you can ask whatever you want.
  • Make sure that you’re getting value out of it and not just feeling part of a system. You’re an individual and you have the right to informed consent.

Find Elizabeth at Two Rivers Health and her fertility positivity Facebook Group Fertility Boost Camp.


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