When all the changes you need to make to fall pregnant feel overwhelming

Today’s podcast is all about overwhelm. Specifically, when all the changes you need to make to fall pregnant feel overwhelming.

I totally get it.

Don’t eat dairy

Don’t eat gluten

Go low tox in your make up

Stop heating using plastics


Do acupuncture

… and the list goes on!

There are so many things you’re ‘supposed’ to do or ‘could try’ to help optimise your fertility, and it can be totally overwhelming!

So today, on the podcast I address this.


I start off with a bit of a #truthbomb and that is to sit back and have some self awareness.

Is it possible that what you’re feeling isn’t overwhelm because you’re doing too much, or could it be something else, like fear, or guilt and instead of doing too much, you’re actually paralysed with fear and not doing anything at all?

So Step 1 to reducing your overwhelm is to do a little audit about what you’re feeling, why, and how you can change.

Change is ALWAYS uncomfortable.

As human beings we are conditioned to dislike change, so there is always going to be a bit of push when it comes to making changes in our life, so we need to step back and assess what it is that we’re actually feeling.

Step 2 is to show gratitude.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but when you show gratitude, it sometimes makes the overwhelm… well… less overwhelming, and, if you don’t have anything to be grateful for, check your pulse.

No doubt if you’re reading this, you are living in a first world country where we have access to wonderful technology, you no doubt have some great support in your life from friends/partners/family, plus many more things that you could be grateful for in life.

Step 3 is the biggie – it’s to take a step back

Perfection doesn’t exist. Meeting an adult with zero things on their to-do list doesn’t exist, but we beat ourselves up when it comes to fertility because we so desperately want this!

In the podcast I talk about where I ‘dropped the ball’ and how I refuse to feel guilty about it.

You have to do what you can manage, and you also have to take things in small steps.

Not only do you need to take things in small steps (and small steps by the way have been shown to be waaaay more effective at making lasting and sustainable change), but you should also acknowledge small wins that you might be having.

I bet if you looked back and compared your lifestyle to what it was a few years back, you’d pat yourself on the back!

There is a common saying, which is how do you eat the whale? One bite at a time.

Make sure you listen to the episode, and check out some of the products and links I’ve mentioned:

When all the changes you need to make to fall pregnant feel overwhelming


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