How to create a special Christmas (despite infertility)

Christmas infertilityAhhhh, for some of us the holidays kind of suck. There were times when they especially sucked for me whilst I was trying to conceive – one year, right as we were about to start IVF (we’d already done lots of IUI’s etc), our family from the United States came to visit and it was just family stuff galore.

Ross and I married quite late, so everyone was asking us constantly when we were going to have babies and at that stage, nobody knew our struggle. Meanwhile, my cousin had the most adorable 4 week old baby, and it was a constant reminder of the struggle we were in.

But… despite that, we still managed to have a (mostly) ok Christmas.

If you’d like to know some of the strategies and tips I have for navigating Christmas whilst Trying To Conceive, check out this post.

But today, I’ll be talking more about how to make Christmas Special. How to have a good time (more thriving, less surviving if you know what I mean), and most of that comes from doing things that are fun, spontaneous and whimsical. This time of year is not the time to be serious. It’s the time when you can break the rules a little.



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